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Group Project Feedback Survey for students who have participate in online collaborations and group projects, to guage their acceptance of the process and their perceptions of the contribution of the group project activities to their learning.

You may include comments and provide your name. However, these are optional. Otherwise your response is anonomous.

   * Did you particpate in your project group?
   * Did everyone else assigned to the group actively participate?
   * How did you communicate within the group?
   * How did you divide up the work?
   * Did everyone "do their fair share" of the work?
   * How much extra effort was required to work as a group?
   * Would you recommend including group projects in future courses?
   * Do you work in groups in your job or in other school courses?
   * Is this the first time you have participated in a group project in a distance learning course?
   * Have you take other distance learning courses before this one?
   * Did you get to know your team mates?
   * How does this group project experience differ from on-campus course group projects?$145