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Group Project References

References and resources

Collaborative learning and the Internet old articile but lots of good guidelines - group compositions, tasks, role of conflict and competition

Sullivan, R., Lessons in Smallness T+D March 2002.

"Online Activities at Your (Electronic) Fingertips... A How-To Guide for creating the best online activities that really work!" by Scott Hildreth, Nancy Masterson, Ginny Wallace March 2000

Collaborative Learning Using Online Tools Online Tutorial

Collaborative learning bibliography

Collaborative learning network

Collaborative learning support site

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing

Teamwork questionnaire identify what stage of the teamwork mode

Special Project Teams

Team Building children and technology

Studying and Writing Effectively Working in Groups

Group Work and Collaborative Writing quick read, good high level overview, problems if inadequate early stage

Basic Principles: Bad Groups and Good Groups list of do's and don'ts

Making Your Group a Success

Group Work and Collaborative Writing student guide for group writing - nicely done, assumes f2f but some applies to online

Groups - strategies to make them work ppt - some good examples, short crisp