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Month & Winner

Kim Tucker is a researcher, writer, facilitator and catalyst interested in the global impact of technology and connected collaborative learning, and knowledge transfer across disciplines and divides. He is a promoter of free software and "libre knowledge." He is deeply involved in activities of Wikieducator and is an appointed member of the WikiEducator Community Council. He facilitates and catalyses individual, team and organisational transformation. He also provides coaching for knowledge management. His area of specialisation are strategic foresight; migration to free/libre and open source software; open innovation and knowledge management; and Free/Libre and Open Education.
Lets congratulate Kim for being the UPE winner for June 2013!
Laxmi Pic.jpg

Dr. Laxmi Narayan Yadav is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Govt. P.G. College for Women, Fatehabad, India. He has vast experience working in Media and has been quite active in the use of ICT for delivery of learning modules and in the development of script for Educational Television. He further enhanced his media skills by attending workshops on the script writing for the Television and Mass Media. Sharing his experiences, he has participated in many national and international seminars and conferences. Additionally, he has read presented his academic papers, there. With a Doctorate degree in Economics from Gorakhpur University, India, he further obtained his Masters of Business Administration with specialisation in Finance. He is a big supporter of Open Educational Resources and wishes to create and contribute to this field. He believes, "Nothing is too difficult, it's only our inhibitions which makes everything difficult." Lets congratulate Laxmi Narayan for being the UPE winner for May 2013!

December 2009


Nellie is an exemplary WikiEducator. I believe that compliment doesn't go far enough in describing Nellies international works in many different capacities. I know her to facilitate many L4C workshops, be very active in the WE council, to add tremendous energy to high school education, online curriculum development and English as a second language. I know what I have described here only touches the surface of Nellies work as an educator. I often wonder if Nellie every sleeps. It has been a pleasure to work with Nellie on a number of initiatives. With great honour I announce Nellie Deutsch as the December UPE. Congratulations, Nellie!!! And the best of the season to you and your Family.

November 2009

KI NAM Debo.jpg

During a recent discussion (six weeks back) the UPE team was reviewing candidates for the coming award. Abdul Halim was suggested as one of the candidates for the November UPE. I took the time to review his user page and was most impressed. I greatly appreciate his use of colors, fonts and graphics, I found myself drawn into who Abdul Halim is and all the wonderful work he does. I found his interest in community radio inspiring as I know how effective a medium it can be at a community level. It is with great pleasure that I announce Abdul Halim as the November UPE. Congratulations, Abdul Halim!!!

September 2009


A few months back it was suggested Randy Fisher be the September UPE. Randy is one of the most deserving (and hard working) members of our community. He has a very comprehensive user page with considerable information about his skills, knowledge and abilities. In the last few months, Randy has taken over as the most active WikiEducator in terms of wiki edits ( Randy is an exemplary WikiEducator! Congratulations, Randy!!!

August 2009


I have the honor of announcing this month's UPE award winner. August UPE award goes to Ben Stewart, a very active member of our community. Ben is an EFL teacher educator and foreign language coordinator at a Mexican university who has been actively involved in learning and teaching on WikiEducator.

Congratulations, Ben!!!

July 2009

Anubha has been an active contributor to WikiEducator since February 2009. After being directed to Anubhas' profile page I was struck by its comprehensiveness and couldn't help but commenting to myself how it is as exemplary as a UPE could be. After reading through all the contents of Anubhas' profile page I feel I now know this WE community member, even though we have never met in a workshop or a discussion I know we could share many stories and enjoy a walk through a heavily forested trail. It is with great pleasure to award Anubha Das the July 2009 featured user page. Congratulations, Anubha Das.

June 2009

When I first came across Phil's work I couldn't help but have a big smile on my face. I like his tag line of "No rest for the wikied". I know of a saying "No rest for the wicked." I wonder how these two relate ;) As I further explored Phil's work I was encouraged by his efforts to make WikiEducator available in four languages (English, Spanish, Portugese & French). He may not be doing the translation himself, yet he is making things happen. Also, take a look around all of Phil's profile sub-pages - so much great work in bringing references and resources together. It is gives me great pleasure to award Phil Bartle the June 2009 featured user page. Congratulations, Phil.

May 2009

I've been a follower of Declan for as long as he has been a member of WikiEducator. His exemplary work in creating K12 curriculum and using WE as a platform to facilitate his work sets a fantastic example. Look around WE at the middle school biology OER materials, in particular the St. Michael's College and you will see Declan's work, mentorship and influence. It is an honor to award Declan McCabe as the May 2009 featured user page. Check out his user page, and follow all the St. Michael's College biology projects. Congratulations, Declan.

April 2009

When first directed to the User page of Rima Al Eryani you will be taken by her exemplary use of colors and multimedia. As you view her different educational activities it becomes apparent that her passion for literacy, particularly in her home country of Yemen, is one of her strengths. It is an honor to award Rima Al Eryani as the April 2009 featured user page. Check out her user page, and celebrate the number of WikiEducator projects she has become involved. Congratulations, Rima.

March 2009

Having a wealth of experience and exemplary credentials Dilip P. Barad, Ph.D has steadily increased his participation in WikiEducator since July 2008. Dr. Barad is also an excellent ambassador for WikiEducator as he frequently speaks of the benefits of accessing and in contributing to WikiEducator. Dr. Barad has an excellent user page that showcases how text, photos and rich media can be used to portray information and ideas. It is an honor to award Dr. Dilip P. Barad as the March 2009 featured user page recipient.

February 2009

For someone whose first edit was November 06, 2008 and has quickly climbed to be one of the top 20 active contributors, it's an honor to award Gladys Gahona as the February 2009 featured user page. Check out her user page, it's colorful and comprehensive and includes many examples of ways to include graphics, rich media and formatting for mathematics.