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UPE Winners


The User Page Expo ("UPE" to its friends) is an ongoing event recognising those WikiEducator user pages that are particularly informative, innovative, visually appealing, or otherwise just plain clever.

UPE isn't an official thing, it's just a small group of WikiEducators who got it in their heads to increase public appreciation for well done user pages. This ad hoc conspiracy was started by Minhaaj ur Rehman and Steve Foerster, and has been maintained by Nellie Deutsch, Patricia Schlicht and Peter Rawsthorne.

If you think that someone's user page is worthy of recognition by your fellow WikiEducators (even if it's your own!) the nomination process is simple -- just let Nellie, Patricia and Ramesh know. Unless we think you're dead wrong, we'll solemnly convene the award committee and announce that a new award has been made!

As of February 1, 2011, Patricia Schlicht has made her place available, and Ramesh has kindly accepted to step in.

So, what sort of criteria impress us?

  • We're keen on infoboxes, especially when they're full of good information.
  • Seeing that you're working on going up in WikiMaster levels is never a bad thing.
  • If you're a WikiNeighbour or an Ambassador for WikiEducator, then you might either include a section that details how you've helped the community, or link to where that's detailed elsewhere.

But mostly we want to see something that's simply well done, and preferably clever. We know you have it in you!

The awardees will be provided with a Featured User Page template to their user pages.