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Month & Winner

Kim Tucker is a researcher, writer, facilitator and catalyst interested in the global impact of technology and connected collaborative learning, and knowledge transfer across disciplines and divides. He is a promoter of free software and "libre knowledge." He is deeply involved in activities of Wikieducator and is an appointed member of the WikiEducator Community Council. He facilitates and catalyses individual, team and organisational transformation. He also provides coaching for knowledge management. His area of specialisation are strategic foresight; migration to free/libre and open source software; open innovation and knowledge management; and Free/Libre and Open Education.
Lets congratulate Kim for being the UPE winner for June 2013!
Laxmi Pic.jpg

Dr. Laxmi Narayan Yadav is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Govt. P.G. College for Women, Fatehabad, India. He has vast experience working in Media and has been quite active in the use of ICT for delivery of learning modules and in the development of script for Educational Television. He further enhanced his media skills by attending workshops on the script writing for the Television and Mass Media. Sharing his experiences, he has participated in many national and international seminars and conferences. Additionally, he has read presented his academic papers, there. With a Doctorate degree in Economics from Gorakhpur University, India, he further obtained his Masters of Business Administration with specialisation in Finance. He is a big supporter of Open Educational Resources and wishes to create and contribute to this field. He believes, "Nothing is too difficult, it's only our inhibitions which makes everything difficult." Lets congratulate Laxmi Narayan for being the UPE winner for May 2013!

September 2010

Cynthie.jpgDr. Cynthia D’Costa is an Indian citizen interested in e-content creation.
The Yeshwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University has launched a programme entitled Bachelor in e-education. The Course aims at nurturing teaching skills, both on-line and off-line. Dr. D'Costa was part of the team that created a course 'Teacher as an e-learning specialist'. She came to Wikieducator in May 2010 as participant of one of the Learning4Content online trainings, and has since then been actively contributing content to WikiEducator. Her view of WikiEducator is described here:

W here the learner is without fear
I mmediate help is quite near
K nowledge runs free
I nherent creativity on the spree

E nrichment for empowerment - the only goal
D eeply committed facilitators play their role
U and I work in tow
C aring to help one another grow
A world sans a digital divide
T hrough wikieducator we can provide
O pen Education Resources for all to use
R ejoice, Wikieducator brings you good news

A big thank you to William and Flora Hewlett Foundation for supporting the cause of WE.

Please help us congratulate Dr. D'Costa to this wonderful achievement.

August 2010

2007-Jenni 144x144.jpg

Jenni Parker lives in Perth, Australia and came to WikiEducator in November of 2008. Since then, she has grown to become an active member of our community and recently joined our wonderful pool of Learning4Content facilitators on WikiEducator. Jenni has been semi re-tired for the past 3 years and has spent her time studying, playing in my garden and renovating her home. However, her work is never too far. In 2008 she accepted an offer from Edith Cowan University (ECU) to re-write an online course about Workplace Learning. She delivered this unit fully online in the second semester 2009, and in first semester 2010. She delivered it also face-to-face. She is currently coordinating this unit for ECU International for students in Zambia. In addition, she has also been employed by Murdoch University to tutor an online unit for pre-service teachers - ICT in the classroom, which commences 2 August, 2010. Jenni’s last assignment on WikiEducator as one in a pool of facilitators was assisting to help facilitate WikiEducator’s largest Learning4Content workshop in July/August of 2010 with over 420 participants. Please help me congratulate Jenni to this wonderful achievement!

July 2010


Sanjay Kumar Pandagale Sanjay Kumar Pandagale's first edit was made in early June of 2009. His page is exemplary and shows his creative talents and joy in the task. He is an Assistant Professor at NCERT in India, currently situated at Regional Institute of Education in Bhopal, which is a constituent unit of National Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi. In the last 9 years he has been working in different capacities like, State Coordinator of Maharashtra and Goa, Incharge of ICT Center, Incharge of Educational Technology Cell, Coordinator of Working With Community programme, Member of SSA monitoring team for Chattisgarh and Coordinator of EDUSAT programme. He has co-facilitated Learning4Content workshops on WikiEducator in collaboration with our team. Congratulations Sanjay. This is well deserved.

June 2010


Robert Kruhlak is our June UPE winner. Rob is not only an appointed member of the WikiEducator Community Council, he has also been with WikiEducator from the beginning stages and his contributions to WikiEducator unbeknown to many have been invaluable. He is a technical wizzard and recently converted the new WikiEducator Rich Text editing tutorials, so many of our Newbies enjoy. Rob's user page demonstrates the many WikiEducator projects he had his hands in. He is creative and innovative thinker who applies himself to the task at hand with dedication and commitment. Congratulations, Rob. This is long overdue.

May 2010


Mary Ziller joined WikiEducator through one of our Learning4Content online training workshops and has demonstrated a natural talent for using basic wiki editing skills which her user page clearly demonstrates. It is with pleasure that she was chosen as May's winner of the User page Expo Awards. This is well deserved. Her page shows the versatility of her skills and creative talents. Congratulations, Mary.

April 2010


With Ludmilla Smirnova, Ph.D being the April UPE we have swung back to recognizing an exemplary user page. Dr. Smirnova first created her user page in August of last year and has used many of the WE styles, templates and screen widgets to build a very readable user page. Her linking of the WE profile page to external OER shows how Wikis can be a part of the whole OER "ecosystem". WE can look forward to Dr. Smirnova's continued contribution to WikiEducator. With great pleasure I introduce Ludmilla Smirnova, Ph.D as the April UPE. Congratulations, Ludmilla!

March 2010

Jim Tittsler.jpg

Jim Tittsler is one of WikiEducators exemplary technical people. Jim, with a handful of other people, keeps the WikiEducator technology up and running. For the longest time I have been in awe of Jim's commitment to the care and feeding of WikiEducator. I believe his belief in this project goes beyond any professional commitment, the number of hours he has committed and his dedication to innovation and making WikiEducator meet the needs of the educators who use this platform is outstanding. Jim's knowledge of the technical platform which WikiEductor is built allows the contributors to focus upon building content, rather than wonder about the technology. With awe and great admiration I announce Jim Tittsler as the March UPE. Congratulations, Jim! And thanks for working so hard in the background.

January 2010

Azumayama picture.jpeg

Dr. El Borai is another exemplary WikiEducator. What stands out with Dr. Nadia El Borai is how her candidacy for the WikiEducator UPE is both with her exemplary work and with her user page. Take the time to review Dr. El Borai's user page and you will find good use of a navigation template which provides access to much of her profile information and important subjects. Upon review of Nadia's profile page you will also see the extensive contribution she has made to the WikiEducator community. With great honour I announce Dr. Nadia El Borai as the January UPE. Congratulations, Nadia!!! And the best for the next decade to you and your Family.