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Contact-new.svg Samuel Ekundayo

Name of Cloud Tool Name of Student (Your Name) URL of Cloud Tool Use of the tool in education One Advantage of the tool One Disadvantage of the tool (if any) Your blog address/link
Audacity Samuel Audacity Audacity is a free audio editor/recording software Teachers can record their lectures for free and even edit the recordings Students can manipulate copyrighted materials (Not cool)
Google Drive Sonal odedara GoogleDrive [1] Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service provided by Google. one can store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents. There is some free storage space limit ,beyond which we have to pay for storage space.

Slideshare Ambrose Rao Slideshare [2] Slideshare is an online learning website Learn from professionals and experts about topics from presentation slides of your choice. Copyrights for your presentations would be violated.
PowToon Pisit PowToon This is a presentation online with a cartoon. Everyone can create a presentation with a cartoon to make it interesting and it's free. Free version is not privacy, cannot remove watermask, cannot download, only 5 mins long
OneDrive Ricky Yu OneDrive OneDrive is an online storage Integrated with windows OneDrive doesn't have Linux edition application
Udemy Vihar Udemy [3] It is an online learning site and we can download the videos and make it an offline We can access anywhere from world It is an paid content & some of them available for free
Google Blogger Swapna Kagita Blogger Google Blogger is an online learning and discussion forum Anyone can create a blog Google Blogger owns all blogs and creator of blog does not own the content
DropBox Poonam Bawa DropBox [4] DropBox is a personal cloud storage service We can use app on the iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices. In this user doesnot have opportunity to upload their own data with encryption.
Youtube Mahendran Youtube Youtube is a free online video sharing site tool where students can watch and learn from video tutorials. Teachers and students can upload videos and also subscribe to YouTube videos. Download of videos can be done by some external software. Buffering problem to watch videos on slow internet connection.
Box Varun Yadav Box Box is freemium online file sharing and content management service for teachers Teachers can upload any source of information online limited space up to 5gb can be used for free

Assessed Activity 8.1

Online Course on Agile Model


The above link is about a course - How to use Agile methodology in projects in both IT and Non-IT Projects. The online course provides very rich content. The video delivery of the project is excellent. A learner who cannot follow the speaker can read the content at the bottom of the video as the video progresses. Course provides the different topics to be covered. The most interesting section is FAQs, where in a learner can ask any question about the course and its content.

--Swapna.kagita (talk) 06:42, 16 May 2016 (UTC)

Assessed Activity 9.1

C Programming using online course builder platform


The above link provides a free C programming online course to access and study for the learners. The course is build using provides a facility for the course developer to create good course contents, assessments and also use multimedia elements like audios, videos, images.This learning system also supports blog for the learners community. On viewing the C Programming course in, the course covers wide topics and each topics has tutorial videos of the author which allows the learners to download and study. The course also provides various programming examples covering the topics and some sample programs to create games. The flow of the course is very simple and easy to navigate with in the course.

Mahendran (talk) 07:39, 16 May 2016 (UTC)Mahendran S.

Assessed Activity 8.1

Online Course on Android application Developement


The above link Provides the knowledge of android application developement.It provides sample codes and designing guides.Downloading platform is first step mentioned here and than all step by step procedures are there.The reading lesson is very good with links .A developer with zero knowledge of android application development can also develop an application by following simple instructions.The Course provides coding samples.Section wise development guide is there.The main point is , android( language) concepts are also there to understand before developing an application.

--ODEDAS1 (talk) 09:22, 16 May 2016 (UTC)

Assessed Activity 9.1

iOS App Development with Swift


This is a program that has four courses. I am interested in the second course, iOS App Development Basics. This course has five weekly lessons teaching Mixit, XCode, Layout, Advanced UI Concepts and App Functionality. Every lesson begins with introduction, then gives you serval online video. Also you will need to have some online reading. At last a quiz helps assess your understanding. Unfortunately, it is not free. But I did learn a lot from its course design, which gave me ideas on my project design in DLT course. Also from the instruction of this program, I learned what I need to know in basic iOS App development.

Ricky Yu (talk) 09:55, 16 May 2016 (UTC)

Assessed Activity 8.1

IELTS Online course

The Link gives access to free IELTS online course which is very interesting because British Council IELTS and Future learn have partnered together to help international students to perform well in IELTS exam.This course can be joined by anyone which is one of the exciting feature of the course.Every week course focuses on four major skill i.e listening,reading,writing and speaking.Course uses videos,test sample,quizzes to give greater understanding of test format.At each stage advice from our video tutor is given and students will be asked to share their experiences, tips and opinions with other learners.

varun yadav Varun77 (talk) 11:10, 16 May 2016 (UTC)

Vihar Assessed Activity 8.1

CCNA Online Course

The above link tells the brief discussion about the CCNA complete course from the basic to certification completion. we can access the files from any where in the world, these course gives the real-time experience by using an Cisco packet tracer software . how to configure the routers and switches etc. these is the best course for networking people

We can give feedback and more over we can chat online with the tutor, we can send him an email if we have any doubts.

Ambrose Rao - Assessed Activity 8.1

Excel Online Course

Learn Excel Online -

The link mentioned above is about learning MS Excel online. This website provides information and helps with formulas and functions starting with complete basic excel to full advanced level training material. The learning material provided is simple and easy to understand. The reason I chose this website is that it is also helpful with my project for DLT I would be able to use this to teach myself a bit of basics and advanced excel and the same could be used at work places. My project topic is about Learning Excel Basics.

Ambrose rohit (talk) 05:22, 17 May 2016 (UTC)

Pisit Assessed Activity 9.1

Photoshop and Lighting Tutorials

This link teach learner about how to retouch and setup light for studio but these courses are not for a beginner, but for learner who has knowledge about photoshop and studio shooting. For me the videos are easy to follow. I think this link teach very well, beginner can follow them. All learner need are program, lights, camera, computer of cause. This link give learner lots of experience and it can make you to be a good retoucher. Make some for a girl.. she will loves you..

Neung1003 (talk)