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This is the space where I put th wikicodes I "steal" from my Wikifriends and practice with them :)

I'm Alejandra Guajardo from Lima, Perú, South America.

I'm studying a linguistics master degree in Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. During the last six years I work as a coordinator of a post graduated linguistics course focused on minority and endagered languages at Ricardo Palma University in Lima city: CILTA.

Some useful codes:

Fuentes: "aquí el contenido" Alineacion: "


“Grant me the serenity to respect pages I should not edit,
the courage to edit the pages I should,
and the wisdom to know the difference." Face-glasses.svg

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Math Glossary is a collaborative effort to built-up a comprehensive collection of mathematical concepts gleaned directly from con-textual materials in the field of math education. Feel free to add new Math terms and/or edit the existing ones.

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We encourage our contributors to meet the following requirements:

Join the team, just add your name and signature. (Click on the Button sig.png button in the edit tool bar), and start feeding the Glossary.


Some useful images

Kpager.pngAdding new concepts in three easy steps

STEP 1. Starting on Level 1 (this page), go to the Math Glossary Navigation Bar (top of this page), locate and click in the appropiate letter for your new concept. Then you will entering Level 2.

STEP 2. On Level 2, you will find a list of the concepts (records) we already have added to the Glossary; if you find nothing, it means you will be the first contributor for the subpage.

Click the edit tab to switch to edtion mode, then copy and paste this code in the appropiate place in the list:

[[/New concept title here/]]<br/>

Please note we are following an alphabetical order of concepts. Save the page.

STEP 3. Click in the link of the new page you have just created. Now you will be entering Level 3 (automatically in edit mode).

Copy and paste the code below:


{{Definition|'''Write here your concept title'''
Write here your new concept definition<br/>
Write here examples
* Write here links for external definitions<br/>

This code has two types of data:

  • fixed titles and markup (green color) of each field (please don't overwrite or erase), and
  • variable data (black-bold-italics), starting with "Write here... " paragraphs which must be changed to the info of your new concept.

Save the page...

Et voilà! ... The WE family deeply appreciate your contribution. Face-grin.svg

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Tip: If an image you insert overflows into the next section, just add the code
<div style="clear:both;"></div>

right after the image code.

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Tip: When you use somewhat unique information obtained from a particular resource, e.g., part of a definition or an example, please cite the resource using the following format:
  • Following the information to be cited, add <ref>details of citation</ref>. This will appear as a numbered superscript link.
  • To create the section where the citation will be listed, add the following wiki markup at the bottom of the page, after "Web Resources":
<references />

We use Wikipedia's citations as a model, see Citing Sources and Citing Sources/Example Styles.

Examples in the Math Glossary: MathGloss/H/Histogram, MathGloss/P/Pictograph


Any text comes here

Any text comes here



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Dual-licensed under attribution-only license
I agree to dual-license all my edits under the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0 Unported (CC-BY), with the designated entity for attribution being the "WikiEducator community". In other words, any page which has been touched only by users with this provision can be used freely under CC-BY, without the "share-alike" requirement on other WikiEducator content.