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The Pinehill Way Assembly Promotion ********************** My class with our class mascot Slithering Sam

Although we have an ICT suite within our school, our lead ICT teacher has left and not yet been replaced. The confidence, with either skill or in the technology itself, of the staff has dropped considerably. I have used existing plans and added an ICT component to the plans to aid children's understanding of the Pinehill Way. In many cases I have suggested it be published for visual reinforcement. This can either be within the classroom as part of an attractive display or via the school TV station which airs once a month. I have utilised in many cases programs that a) we have and b) the staff can use with confidence. An excellent resource that I discovered is the website in2edu The rubrics I found are included in each year level. They are so good that they don't need altering! You could adapt them so they weren't so wordy. Just highlighting the explicit skills you wanted to focus on.

Year One Plan

Year Two Plan

Year Three Plan

Year Four Plan

Year Five Plan

Year Six Plan

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