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By the time the students arrive in a year 2 classroom they have developed a very good understanding of the Pinehill Way and what it means. Their skills in ICT are becoming more developed as well. The majority of students can save their work into the student disk which is on the school server.


This plan was an existing plan which I have adapted to use Kidpix which the students will know and feel confident in using, especially at the beginning of the year. They will be introduced to a new program called Inspiration and they will revisit Photo Booth again. The students will have the opportunity to perform in front of a video camera, sharing their 'I' statements. An 'I' statement is "I don't like it when you push me" or "I feel hurt when you call me names".

Media:T-Shirt Y2.pdf

Here is an example of a kidpix picture at year 2 level. They can be introduced to using a text box to write their 'I' Statements onto their t-shirts. Again it is beneficial to talk through the expectations with a quality exemplar to share so the children have a solid understanding of your expectations.


This program may be a challenge to some children so it could be an idea to buddy children up. The good writers with the not so good writers. Or the good writers with the ICT whizzes. Getting the children to think about the Pinehill Way out of school and into other areas of their lives is a good way to engage the children with deeper thinking. This website Inspiration in the Classroom has a variety of ideas and tips how to maximise the use of Inspiration for maximum learning.




The above rubrics were found on the website in2edu They are too valuable to try and adapt them. They are very step by step orientated. They will also help you to focus children on learning intentions.

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