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From their very first day at Pinehill School, students are fully immersed in the Pinehill Way philosophy.

The following PDF files contain unit plans which have been adapted to include ICT activities. The ICT activities will be easily achievable with good parent help. Kidpix, Photo Booth and Appleworks are beginner programmes that year one children can cope with have fun using and achieve success.


This file is a unit plan used by the year one team at the beginning of the year. I have adapted it to include ICT to enhance the children's learning and have a visual reminder in the way of classroom displays.


This is an example of what the kidpix picture would look like. While it looks to be quite an advanced picture it is beneficial to have a model picture that students can strive to imitate using their own ideas. Once the class has completed their pictures you could create a slideshow of their pictures using Kidpix. This website Kidpix Slideshow Instructions gives clear instructions on how to create that for your class. By the end of the year the children will be able to do this themselves.


Once again a good example of a photo taken using Photo Booth. This is a program that the children really enjoy using. Especially once they realise you can distort faces!


This is a copy of a rubric I discovered from a fabulous website. The website is in2edu

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