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By the time children reach year 3 the majority of the students are very confident in using a variety of applications. They are ready to be shown new programs to use skills they have learned in previous years and advance or extend themselves with the new applications.


The children thoroughly enjoy being taught how to use Keynote Presentation. There are a variety of functions for the children to explore and experiment with. I have found that what works extremely well is having a checklist for the children so they can tick off requirements as they go. For example, each page needs to have a transition of 10 seconds, a different effect and click automatic. A great tool to use is the shift/apple/4 function which becomes a camera. The children use Google Images to find a picture that fits their slide, take a photo, drag it to where they want it and resize it if necesary. Once they have the idea of 'drag and drop' the introduction to Comic Life can be made. This is an example of a completed Comic Life strip that I found on a Comic Life links and tips page Arthur.


This is a template that I found on Comic Life Wikispace. It is a great starting point. Once the children have completed this basic example they can, either independently or with a buddy, use the speech bubbles to create a Pinehill Way scene.


The example of a Keynote presentation is minus the transition features and effects as I had to create a PDF of the presentation that one of my students worked on.


The words of this song, which is sung to the tune of 'Put a little love in heart', are very much what Pinehill is all about. By the time students are in year 3 they have the skills to pick the song apart and relate it to the playground, classroom, sportsfields, after school activities and their home life.


This is an activity I worked on with my students in the beginning of the year. It allows you to set up effective working routines while establishing an attractive classroom environment which has been created by the children for the children. It is referred to constantly.


This is another way of incorporating the Pinehill Way into your classroom. A colleague of mine uses this in his room at the beginning of the year to develop a culture of pride, respect, team and success. This then goes on to create/form the basis of his classroom treaty.


This is an example of how the students can take a photo of each other, download them, print them and add to a piece of artwork. The picture be further integrated with ICT by typing the statements using Appleworks/Pages.



The above rubrics were found on the website in2edu They are too valuable to try and adapt. They offer a step by step structure from the bottom of the page up. They will also help you to focus children on specific learning intentions.

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