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At year 4 the students are itching to become experts in everything you challenge them with. Therefore this is the perfect time to introduce the making of an iMovie. Following the rubric at the bottom and having a quick practise yourself will put you in good stead for showing the students how to create these simple but effective movie clips.


The ICT component of the unit begins with using Inspiration to create a mind-map. At year 4 the children will be beginning to show deeper thinking. The use of this site will give you ideas on how to use Inspiration to engage children in deeper thinking and display this visually. This will enable the students ideas to be displayed clearly and logically. It will also make it easy for them to create the wording of their iMovie. Giving children sole charge of the video camera is an exciting step for the students and needs to be introduced with fairly rigid guidelines without taking away the excitement.

Filming school camp will not only create a fabulous memory for the children but enable real, meaningful opportunities of the Pinehill Way in operation for the students to focus on. It may be a mix of children filming or a parent helper. This website is an informative reading on Digital Storytelling in the classroom.


The above example of a way of incorporating the Pinehill Way, specifically how to acknowledge others, on a daily basis. This forms a build up of excitement and anticipation. It also encourages the values of the Pinehill Way especially behaviour, treating others how you would like to be treated and celebrating success.



The above two examples are from a colleague and how she integrated the Pinehill Way into her classroom. Although there isn't a huge ICT focus it is still an effective and attractive way of illustrating the Pinehill Way on a regular basis.





The above rubrics can form the basis of your learning outcomes/success criteria or as your assessment. I have included an excel rubric which is easily adapated to Numbers. It is a novel approach using numbers to chart the maths statistics you will get from the 'all about us' information. It is very easy to slip into the habit of ICT is for drawing/retrieving information etc rather than applying it to an everyday life maths skill that we normally get from the textbook!

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