Welcome to this eL4C50 Online workshop

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(Comment.gif: Hi Ana, You are very welcome to this eL4C50 Online workshop. Patricia Schlicht, Gita Mathur, Micheal Verhaart and me are your facilitators and will help you in develop your page. Enjoy this workshop and donot hesitate to ask for help. You can either leave a message on our user pages or email us. Warm Wishes.--Ramesh Sharma 21:42, 27 April 2011 (UTC))

Rcsharma (talk)11:30, 28 April 2011

Hi Ana, Page is looking really tidy. Is there anything in particular you want to cover as you seem to have a lot of wiki skills already Michael (Mverhaart)

Mverhaart (talk)23:49, 1 May 2011