Text Processing Skills/Ensuring consistancy of spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation

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Creating and opening folders

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Please note: the following tutorials will open in a new window/tab. When you have finished the tutorial, simply close the window/tab and you'll return to this page.

  • Re-familiarise yourself with Your Computer's File System from the online tutorial in Activity 1.
  • Complete this online tutorial on Files, Folders, and Drives. Whilst this and the next tutorial are for Windows XP, most of the concepts can be applied to any operating system.
  • Complete this online tutorial on Using My Documents, My Computer and Windows Explorer.

Now complete the following steps:

  1. Open your My Documents folder (double-click on the Computer icon on your desktop and select Documents)
  2. Select File
  3. Select New
  4. Select Folder
  5. A New Folder will be inserted into your My Documents folder. While the text is selected type a name for your new folder. For this exercise name the folder Course Files
  6. Double Click on the folder to Open.

Your folder will be empty.

  • Use the above steps create a folder inside your Course Files folder, name this folder Word Processing.
  • Repeat these steps until you have a Spreadsheet, Publishing, Presentation and Images folder also inside your Course Files folder. Your Course Files folder should now look similar to this:


OP icon portfolio activity.gif

Portfolio Activity

Please note: If you are completing the assessment for this course, then you need to complete this portfolio activity.

  • Re-familiarise yourself with the instructions on how to use ScreenR, from the Getting started section
  • Then use ScreenR to record the following steps for assessment:

  1. Create a folder on the desktop that will be used to store personal reminders
  2. Name the folder appropriately
  3. Create a sub folder (within the folder created above) to be used for today’s reminders
  4. Name the folder appropriately.

This is an example of what your ScreenR recording should look like.

Save your recording and add it to your assessment portfolio.