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Searching for files and folders

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Please note: the following tutorials will open in a new window/tab. When you have finished the tutorial, simply close the window/tab and you'll return to this page.

Complete the following online tutorial depending on what Operating System your computer is using:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 - be sure to watch the short video on Page 2.

Open My Computer and try locating the following path names:

  • My Documents\Word Processing\Budget.xls
  • My Documents\Word Processing\My Holiday.ppt

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Portfolio Activity

Please note: If you are completing the assessment for this course, then you need to complete this portfolio activity.

  • Use ScreenR to record the following steps for assessment:

  1. Use the search feature to find the following files: Contact Details.doc and Stationery List.doc

Save your recording and add it to your assessment portfolio.

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