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  • Introductions1.jpg
    Day 1 started with an opening speech and welcome message from Prof. Ekwamu Adipala, The Co-ordinator, RUFORUM.This was followed by introductions and the day took off with a vigorous start. Read here for more on Day 1.
  • Participantsworking.jpg
    Day two was exciting as the participants continued learning about the WikiEducator. The participants were able to work on their profiles. See here for more on Day 2.
  • NodumoPresenting.jpg
    The only lady facilitator (Ms. Nodumo Dhlamini) started the day off with a presentation on blogs which are part of Web 2.0 Technologies. The participants began work on their various proposals after an entertaining proposal scoping session.Read more here on Day 3.
  • Participantswithadipala.jpg
    Day four started off with participants working on their proposals and concept notes. Nicholas Kimolo introduced the participants to Intellectual Property Rights and afew Open Source Software applications that the participants can use to create and/or enhance their content. See here for more on Day 4.
  • Certificates pres.JPG
    The last day of the workshop began with a recap of day 4's activities. Dr Washington Ochola facilitated the group presentations session. The 5 presentations were well received. The groups were commended for taking the tasks very seriously.See here for more on Day 5.

RUFORUM Workshop in the News

Participants Evaluation Reports

  • See participants comments on the workshop i.e their perceived strength, weaknesses and lessons learnt here.See the detailed workshop evaluation analysis here].Highlights of the analysis are:
  1. The workshop was gender sensitive with nearly equal representation of both men and women
  2. None of the participants felt that the workshop objectives were not met
  3. One of the features of the workshop that were rated very highly was the participatory nature of the workshop
  4. Objectives 8 (Creation of accounts on web 2.0), 9 (Content development in wikieducator) and 10 (Pros and Cons of online publishing) received the highest scores for objectives that were "fully achieved"

Announcements - Master of Research Methodology

The regional program Master of Research Methodology has been advertised by the host University - Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. The course is expected to start in February, 2009. We invite applications from any field from the region - Please inform others. To that effect we are looking for lecturers within the region to teach the various modules. In particular, help us get lecturers for the following modules

  1. Bioinformatics and Molecular Genetics studies
  2. Quantitative Methods in Environmental Economics
  3. Research approaches in Market and Innovation systems

For more information contact: Daisy Salifu,dsalifu@fsc.jkuat.ac.ke or salifudp@yahoo.com and Elias Obudho,eobudho@uonbi.ac.ke or eliasobudho@uonbi.ac.ke