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The second day of the workshop begun right on time with the participants and facilitators in the conference hall before the starting time of 8:30am, a sign of their eagerness to continue the exciting process of web tools they had begun the previous day. The objectives of the day were highlighted by Dr Ochola who said that the participants were to learn how to use WikiEducator in addition to using other web tools like Google docs, Blogs as well as social fora like Facebook in order to communicate and share information. He also said the members should get to know each other as they work in order to build partnerships and to share expertise between the different member institutions that they represent.
The myth that web tools are difficult and only professionals or computer gurus can use them was demystified and the participants were pleased to note that after using the web tools practically, they discovered that they were actually not as difficult as perceived and the fears that they had before about online publishing were really the fear of the unknown. The participants were, in addition shown how to draw tables in Wiki which was proved to be quite a challenge to start off with but eventually members were able to grasp it. On the whole, the second day was much better and after the evaluation there was a great sense of satisfaction from the participants.

Khawanzala 14:52, 12 September 2008 (EAT)