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Web 2.0 Tools for Research Support and Networking in Africa, RUFORUM

The last day of the workshop began with a recap of day 4's activities.

The objectives of the last day were spelt out as:

  • Group Presentations on project scoping done
  • Plenary Discussions of the 5 proposals
  • Demonstration of workshop wiki and profiles of participants
  • Write up of Individual Action (PAPAS)
  • Evaluation of Workshop

The 5 presentations were well received. The groups were commended for taking the tasks very seriously. Valuable feedback was given to the groups so that the draft proposals could be tuned for purposes of submission to the various calls for proposals.

The participants completed their action plans. They were informed that milestones would be activated for all the action plans and they would be reminded via the basecamp to meet the deadlines.

An evaluation form was distributed to the participants and duly completed and will be analysed and included on the online workshop wiki.

In closing, the Ruforum Coordinator, Prof Ekwamu Adipala thanked Commonwealth of Learning (Canada) and the Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (The Netherlands) for the support that they had given for the running of this Web 2.0 workshop. He also thanked the participants for their commitment. He also informed the attendees that the Lusaka Ministerial Meeting had been postponed to February 2009. He encourgaed the participants to go back to their institutions and be the == "lights of change"== in the area of teaching using ICT.

Certificates of attendance were presented to the participants by Professor Ekwamu Adipala, helped by selected participants. The workshop was officially closed at 2:30pm.