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The workshop started off with introductory remarks from Prof. Ekwamu Adipala, the Co-ordinator, Ruforum who outlined the workshop objectives and the key expectations upon completion of the workshop and eventual return of the participants to their respective institutions. Prof Adipala thanked the Commonwealth of Learning and CTA for supporting the workshop and indicated RUFORUM’s wish to continue this partnership for the benefit of Ruforum’s member institutions. He also indicated that the workshop will serve to impact the necessary skills that will not only be useful in the area of agricultural research but to other fields of study within the Universitie and will go along way in improving the overall capacity of Educational practitioners to develop Digital Educational Resources

The day was followed by various presentations focusing on introducing the participants to the Participant Action Planning Approach (PAPA) and Web 2.0 Technologies. The objectives of PAPA were defined to be development of action oriented plans that the participants can implement when they go back to their institutions.

Due to problems related to internet access, the facilitators had set-up a local back-up server where the participants began their hand ons work on the Wiki platform. The participants were introduced to the Wiki and began working on their profiles as they continued learning. This went on till the end of the day.