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I like the separation of projects into current and gives the sense of movement and momentum. --wikirandy 05:16, 14 August 2007 (CEST)

Some suggestions but its all up to you

Talofa Ioana,

How's the shopping, bet your feet were in pain from window shopping.

A few suggestions, Sam and I would like to point out;


- would it possible to state the country vision involved in ICT development in general. - any future ambition to extend ICT education/programmes to other regional countries. - maybe promote NUS and highlight some of its vision.


- maybe put in the map of Tuvalu

Hope you wont accept our humble suggestions.


Thanks guys good feedback but I will NOT put the Tuvalu map on the page I mean REALLY!!! --Ioana 00:48, 15 August 2007 (CEST)


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Suggestions from Brainstorming sessions014:57, 4 April 2009
Hello from Otago Polytechnic - Travel and Tourism110:21, 4 September 2008
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Suggestions from Brainstorming sessions

Ioana, what do you think if we synthesise the ideas from the Brainstorming sessions and use that to start planning what next? (If you havent already planned what next that is) Choice toxicity icon.png

Also - i notice that there's quite a lot of writing on the first L4C workshop - because it was the first. What do you think of separating the writeup on L4C, and then have writeups of each workshop linked to that page, or separate sections on that page.

So I noticed the last activity on this page was a year ago - hope you're still watching this page Face-glasses.svg

TWright (talk)14:57, 4 April 2009

Hello from Otago Polytechnic - Travel and Tourism

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Hi from Hillary - had a quick look at your wiki page - well done. I would really love to make contact with someone who teaches, develops any of your tourism subjects. Have a look at what we are doing on the wiki in this area. Keep up the good work. [[1]] Great Hillary Thanks for that I am in London but as soon as I get back I will contact our Tourism lecturers as it would be to their benefit that y share y stuff with them Cheers Ioana

Hillarypjenkins (talk)20:27, 24 February 2008

Hi Hillary...I am one of the Communication lecturers at the Institute of Technology, NUS and I am taking the Communication course for the Tourism students here. I'll chat with our Tourism lecturer, Dulcie, and you let me know what you'll be interested in. I am currently in a wiki workshop right now...anyway, one of our Tourism lecturers is currently studying at Otago University and only one is here currently. Keep in touch. Lina

Aquinas01 (talk)10:19, 4 September 2008

Video Extension

hi, I added the new video extension that is mentioned on the main page, that allow users to create collaborative video and other forms of rich media.

I created it here: , and now we can add also videos and slideshows to the page.

StacyDaniels (talk)00:34, 28 February 2008

Excellent Just noticed y contributiion Thank y for this I will use it for adding my PCF5 slideshow to our page Cheers Ioana

Ioana (talk)00:31, 18 July 2008