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Haven't forgotten - Warehouse is open until 9pm


Hello there

Greetings to everyone. I would like feedback on this page

Hi Ioana,

Tell us about yourself.


Hi Ioana Good to see you again after the Jamaica experience. Hope we'll stay in touch and probably in Samoa! Cheers Sisilia


This is really cool stuff and hope I will remember everything when I go back. Well, the free software will make us remember, eh?

Mauri from Kiribati

Mauri Ioana! How is life treating you now that you are back in Samoa? I notice you have done work on your page. I am also trying, and am experiencing initial hurdles including - can't paste a photo because it is too big, and can't find my islands in wiki - to copy for my page. Any ideas?


--Tebania 01:41, 21 August 2007 (CEST)

Talofa from Samoa Tebania. Abot the photo is it not sizable Y can usually size an image by clicking on its borders. As for a wiki map for Kiribati I shall try and find something if I can

Good to hear from y Ioana

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