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Contact-new.svg Lina Visinia
Lina Visinia
Employer:Institute of Technology, National University of Samoa
Occupation:Communication lecturer
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Talofa from SAMOA. I am Lina Visinia, a Communication lecturer at the Institute of Technology, National University of Samoa. This workshop is quite valuable as I feel I will make good use of wikieducator once I complete this 3-day training.

I have no formal training or qualification in computing but I still consider myself computer literate. I enjoy fiddling with the computer and I have learnt a lot from my other colleagues in using it especially the different programmes.

I have been teaching English and Business Studies/Accounting for over 10 years at Avele College before I came to IoT, NUS in May 2007.

So I have been certified as a WikiNeighbour and I really want to update my user page now. I am hoping that there may be other users out there who are also teaching Communication or a similar field to share their resources with me. I am very interested at the moment in Competency Based Assessment (CBA) as there has been a proposal to have all Communication courses switched from the current Achievement Based Assessment(ABA) we are using to CBA. There is a big debate though on how relevant it is not only for us the lecturers/tutors but for our students as well.

For further information, Download my cv Lina cv

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During L4C4 Sept '08 workshop