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Contact-new.svg Tepora Wright
Employer:Samoa Qualifications Authority [1]
Occupation:Education & Training Professional
Nationality:Samoa moni
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Be the change you want to see in the world... Mahatma Gandhi

Who am I...

An educator by profession, I've left the professional teaching workforce to work in Samoa Qualifications Authority in the Qualifications Division. I'm passionate about improving people's quality of life through quality education and training in whatever form.

Education & Experience

Undergraduate qualification

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts from University of Newcastle, Australia in 2000
  • Specialising in secondary education and the social sciences

Five years teaching experience at secondary level

  • Samoa College 2001
  • Robert Louis Stevenson Secondary School 2002-2005

Four years experience at tertiary level

  • National University of Samoa 2001
  • University of the South Pacific, Centre for Distance and Flexible Learning, 2002-2004

Experience in curriculum and program development

  • Curriculum writing team for National History curiculum
  • Curriculum writing and review team for National Economics curriculum
  • Curriculum writing and review team for National Commercial Studies curriculum

Experience in assessment and moderation

  • Examiner Panel for School Certificate Economics 2005

Experience in professional development and training/facilitation

  • In-service teacher-trainer 2002-2004
  • Co-trainer workshops for educators in the post-school education and training sector 2008-present

Postgraduate qualification

  • Graduated with Master of Education, specialising in Pacific Education from Victoria University of Wellington, in 2008
  • Research interests in ICT in education

Research experience

  • Perspectives of secondary school teachers regarding ICT in education: A Samoa case study


  • working on it...


  • My kids (Joshua Kollese, Jonathan Tua & Lesinaolemoana Tilianamua)
  • Post-secondary education and training
  • Education for Sustainable development
  • Leadership that meets Samoa's needs

My Wiki Goals

  1. Start collaborating on WikiEducator to produce OER
  2. Promote collaboration using the Wiki platform to create textbooks and essential learning resources - to help address insufficiency of quality text resources in Samoa's secondary schools
  3. Get a Wiki badge on my user page (any would do for now)- thanks Wayne

Would love to collaborate on

  1. Writing textbooks for secondary school level economics and pacific history
  2. Resources for competency-based training and assessment
  3. Professional development materials for using ICT in classrooms/teaching and learning

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