Introduction to Scenario planning

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In this session we introduce participants to the world of scenario planning as a strategic planning methodology. Using examples of scenarios, participants will explore their structural components leading to the formulation of a personal opinion on scenarios, their utility and sharing what participants would like to achieve during the workshop. We will start sharing initial thoughts on the major drivers of change of education.

Resources to work through

  1. Introduction and objectives
  2. Video signpost
  3. Definitions
  4. A brief history of scenario planning
  5. Anatomy of a scenario
  6. FAQ support forum

Learning activities

Activity Description Time Link
Microblog Brainstorm activity sharing thoughts on major factors that will impact on educational futures. 5 mins Thoughts on drivers of change
Quiz Preknowledge reflection on scenario planning. 1 min Preknowledge reflection
Microblog Reflection on whether changes identified in earlier microblog activity will be fads or failed technology revolutions. 3 mins Fad or failed technology revolution
Microblog Reflection on video interview with Niki Davis 3 mins Reflections from a senior leader and scenario planner
Microblog Reflection on the differences of scenario planning from other methods and sharing something new you have learned. 3 mins Reflection on definitions
e-Learning Activity Discovering the world of scenario planning. 2 hours Blog posts on the nature of scenario planning
Microblog Thinking about the appropriateness of systems thinking for scenario planning. 3 mins Thoughts on systems thinking
Microblog Initial sharing of major uncertainties. 5 mins Scenario uncertainties
e-Learning Activity Review of scenario examples to identify components and overview of approaches, plus personal opinion on scenario planning. 45 mins Blog post on personal opinion of scenario planning.