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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Discovering the world of scenario planning
2 hours

Start here


Stimulus links

Review the stimulus links and additional materials you source on the web to complete the tasks listed below.

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The purpose of this activity is to visit the suggested links above and to search for additional open access materials to:
  • review what scenario planning is (and isn't)
  • how it differs from other approaches used for strategic planning
  • consider the relationship between the availability of quality data on which to build scenarios and the uncertainties associated with the outcomes of major drivers of change
  • review the dynamics and tensions between the risks associated with attempting to predict the future versus generative and proactive strategies for making new futures happen.
  • reflect on the skill set required for effective scenario planning.

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  • Visit the stimulus links listed above. Limit your reading to addressing the objectives contained in the purpose statement above.
  • Read the learning outcome actions below to guide the focus of your research.
  • Search for additional resources on scenario planning on the web to answer specific questions related to your own focus or area of interest.
  • Consider your own skills in relation to the skills required for effective scenario planning. Think about how you could address the skills gap for generating effective scenarios.
  • Share the steps of your journey and any "Aha moments" with our community by posting on twitter or WEnotes and remember to include the "#SP4Ed. For more substantive reflections feel free to use the open forum or your personal course blog.
  • Remember Google is your friend, if you get stuck or generate new questions which need answers, chances are you'll find them on the web.

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Learning outcome actions

Publish a blog post addressing the following:
  • 200 words evaluating the statement: "'Scenarios can’t predict the future, so what’s the point?” plus

One of the following (Optional blog post for participants wanting to explore scenario planning in greater depth):

  1. 300 words responding to a question you want to answer in relation to scenario planning in your own context. Use your question as the title for your blog post and answer your own question referencing open access resources you have consulted in formulating your answer, OR
  2. 300 words identifying the three most important skills for generating effective scenarios and why you deem these skills to be important. You should reference open access resources in justifying your answer.