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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Review of scenario examples to identify components and overview of approaches, plus personal opinion on scenario planning.
45 mins

Start here


Choose two of the resources below or find your own scenario examples:

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The purpose of this activity is to select two example scenarios from the stimulus list above to:
  • see if you can identify the components of scenarios in action using examples from outside of the education sector,
  • form an initial opinion of the methodology and share this with your fellow participants.

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  1. Choose two of the suggested links above, and scan through the scenarios
  2. Can you identify the main components of a scenario in these examples, that is: the drivers of change, trends, rules of the game and uncertainties?
  3. Think about the approaches used to generate these scenarios.
  4. Complete the learning outcome blog post below.

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Learning outcome actions

Prepare a short blog reflection of about 300 words summarising your opinion of the methodology and what you plan to achieve from the Scenario Planning for Educators workshop:

  • Choose a short title for your blog which summarises your initial opinion on scenario planning
  • Tell us what you think of the approach based on your readings so far (advantages, disadvantages, usefulness in your context etc.)
  • What would you like to achieve or learn during this online workshop, and why?

Don't forget to add the SP4Ed label or tag to your post.