Identify Development Needs

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Identify Development Needs

In the previous module you identified a range of digital literacy skills and digital tools that are necessary to your own work context.

Using the knowledge gained from this module do the following activity.

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Along with recognizing your knowledge and strengths did you discover any areas within the key digital literacy skills that you wanted to develop further?

A. List the skills you want to develop further.

Below is a reminder of the digital literacy skills.

  • find / locate / access information and resources
  • read and interpret information
  • analyze / evaluate information and resources
  • manage information and resources
  • integrate information and digital tools
  • construct new knowledge
  • create new resources
  • share / communicate effectively via digital means

Perhaps there are specific digital tools and practices used within your work context that you what to know more about. It may be that you have a surface knowledge and want to deepen this.

B. List the tools and practices you want to know more about.

It is useful to have a plan to help you follow through with this development.