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A one day workshop was held on Thursday 4th Nov 2010 at Patukae School.

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Participants are listed here (except for Brian Bird and Lloyd Nonga who could not attend).

Workshop activities

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1. Background to the project

2. Quick survey of how schools have used the Encyclopaedia and Teachers Guide

3. Introduction to wikis
Demo of:

  • Wikipedia
  • WikiEducator and these project pages, and lesson planning tools
  • Quality and licensing issues discussion

4. Learning how to create wiki pages on the local Marovo wiki

  • In groups of 3, choose a plant, animal or other object with Marovo name, which you can find around the school. Write on paper (or on computer) a short description and even a short story about the object in Marovo language.
  • Go out and take a photo of the object, with an OLPC laptop or a digital camera, or a mobile phone camera (if you have the USB cable).
  • Use a computer to record one of you reading the text description.
  • Upload it all to the local Reef and Rainforest wiki (on the school server). David and the “tech team” will help.

OUTCOMES FROM THIS ACTIVITY: 8 new pages were created on the wiki. See them here.

also see the example pictured below, showing the new wiki appearance (skin)

5. Draft lesson plans for using the wiki

In groups of 3, decide on 5 draft lesson ideas, and write on paper or computer the

  • Topic (i.e. Health, Science, Environment etc)
  • Theme (choose a theme about Marovo, i.e. Our changing Marovo, Our life-giving forest, Our friend the reef, How we live, Highlighting our customs, etc)
  • Curriculum objective (based on Gr6, we can re-age the lesson details later)
  • General Objective
  • Specific Objectives
  • Any ideas how the OLPC and normal computers, digital cameras, etc, can be used in the lesson

OUTCOMES FROM THIS ACTIVITY: 15 draft lesson ideas were developed by the participants. These are listed in the table on the lesson ideas page.