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People participating in the project


Table of participants

Name School/location Position Email address Mobile Role in project
Dilaela Hagety Patukae Primary School D. Head Teacher 7409757 or 7522010 G1/Teacher
Zoni Pulekera PatukaePrimary School
Head Master 7409898 Gr5/Teacher
Logan Tuni Patukae Primary School class teacher 7409737 G4/Technical
Fensal Fate
Patukae CHS Senior Teacher 7444264 Sr T (Eng and SS) T/Support
Mavin Hape
Patukae Primary School
class teacher 7409752 G3/Technical support
Relva Loni Patukae CHS bursar 7409312 Technical support
Nairi Pulekera Patukae Primary School
class teacher
Jackson Busa Chubikopi Primary School Class Teacher 7409533 Teacher/tech support
Clinton David Hinakole Primary School Headmaster
7409789 Teacher/tech support
Ellen Koisa Hinakole Primary School Class Teacher

John Bitibule Tozaka Cheara Clinic Nurse
Tech support
Licson S Teu Konggukolo SS
Louise Rande Chubikopi Primary School Deputy Headmistress 7409533 Teacher/tech support
Brian Bird Patukae CHS/ College Director 7409800 Teacher/tech support/lesson plans
Loyley Nonga Chubikopi Primary School Principal Teacher
Elnah Tati Batuna Adventist Vocational School Computing/Secretary OLPC trainer and tech support
Revyln Lianga Batuna
Delmay Dalipandah Batuna
Charles Vagara Patukae
Fiona Kuve Patukae
Frank Iputu
Lydia Ragi Patukae
Tausia Cook Patukae
Emily Iputu Seghe
Relwy Patukae
Mary Chuchulu
Nelly Pikaela Ulona
Qula Hiti Kss
David Limana Patutiva
Eileen Vagara Patukae
Moyce Sobiro
Ronald Namo Hinakole
Loister Roy Hinakole
Rockson Galo Bekabeka
Daromae Aseri Ulona

Other participants and teachers

LLoyd Nonga Chubikopi Youth Internet operator
Tech support
Carleen Nonga Chubikopi Primary School Teacher

Leto Nonga Chubikopi Primary School Teacher

Pentan Vuipi Chubikopi Primary School teacher

Sonia Ghasa Chubikopi Primary School Teacher

Melinda Boso Chubikopi Kindy Teacher

Ronald Nano Hinakole Primary School Teacher

Clinton George Hinakole Primary School Teacher


Online support

Support, mentoring and community of practice will be established through

Preparatory mission

A mission to Patukae took place between 31st and 7th Nov 2010. The aims of the mission were to:

  • Install the OLPC XS school server machine
  • Install a local copy of the UNESCO OER wiki on the XS
  • Training for teachers and resource persons
  • Drafting of 20 lesson plans to be tested in the main workshop
  • Agree roles for technical support and QA procedures
  • Prepare the venue for the Nov workshop

Report on preparatory mission one day workshop 4th Nov - click here

Main workshop

This took place in the last week of Nov 2010, with follow up skills training over the following two weeks.The workshop was facilitated by a team from the Ministry of Education, UNESCO and Professor Hviding.

Follow up workshop

This will take place in second week Dec 2010. It will be a technical follow up with fine tuning of procedures and technical systems, and additional training.