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QA criteria

Before content is uploaded to the specially created Reef and Rainforest wiki, quality assurance procedures will be applied to both the lesson plans and the wiki contributions following an agreed procedure. For instance:

  • Marovo language correct, names of objects and other text is accurate
  • Formats suitably processed
  • compliant with identified objectives of the current Solomon Islands National Education Action Plan (NEAP) and SIG Strategic Development Plan;
  • Strongly integrated with the current Solomon Islands Ministry of Education curricula for science, technology, environment, mathematics and other related subjects;
  • Spread over an agreed Year range
  • Encouraging respectful group work between the girl and boy students to encourage Gender Equality
  • Highlight the unique role of women to encourage Gender Equality
  • Encourage group work between students and community
  • Conforming with traditional practices of restricted information, as some information may not be shared

QA teams

Marovo based

  • Brian Bird (supervisor)
  • Fensal
  • Logan
  • Dilaela
  • another senior Marovo speaker and teacher

Honiara based

  • Aseri Yalangono (MEHRD)
  • Tony (CDC)
  • Janine Simi, Head of School of Education (SOE/SICHE)
  • Calvin Ngatulu, Lecturer (SOE)
  • maybe another identified Marovo Speaker.
  • David Leeming will assist with communications and facilitating the QA process.

QA procedures

  1. Teachers in schools connected to the RICS network are encouraged to upload entries to the local wiki. They also have access to the online wiki.
  2. Once a week, a wiki QA meeting is held at Patukae. The Patukae QA team check recent changes and new pages on the local wiki and assess them against the criteria above. Any corrections and improvements are made.
  3. Any multimedia such as audios are also monitored.
  4. The tech team upload any new pages from the local wiki to the online wiki (would be good to have a one click xml process for this...)
  5. An email is sent to the Sagauru list listing the new pages, so that the Honiara-based QA team can also assess the new pages, comment and suggest any final corrections or improvements.
  6. Teachers will use the WikiEducator template to draft lesson plans. When a new one is created, they should send an email to the Sagauru list seeking comments.
  7. The weekly QA meeting will check for new lesson plans on the WikiEducator “draft lesson plans” page, and compare notes with the Honiara team. Once approved by CDC the lesson plans are uploaded to the Marovo wiki.
  8. We think of some simple ways other non-connected schools can contribute content in the short term, using paper, radio and even SMS

Locations to check for new pages and draft lesson plans

Local network (Patukae)

Online (Internet)

Approved lesson plans on the main wiki