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Reef and Rainforest Lesson Plan Ideas

The WikiEducator project pages will be used for drafting of the lesson plans only. The draft lesson plans developed in this collaboration are subjected to an approval process through the Ministry of Education and the quality assurance team. This will ensure correct curriculum linkage and authenticity regarding Marovo indigenous knowledge.

The completed, quality assured and approved lesson plans are then uploaded to the UNESCO Marovo wiki site. These can be seen at the links below:

Lesson Plan Criteria

Lesson plans will follow the agreed criteria:

  • Compliant with identified objectives of the current Solomon Islands National Education Action Plan (NEAP) and SIG Strategic Development Plan, such a Outcome Based Education (OBE)
  • Strongly integrated with the current Solomon Islands Ministry of Education curricula for science, technology, environment, mathematics and other related subjects
  • Spread over an agreed Year range
  • Encouraging respectful group work between the girl and boy students to encourage Gender Equality
  • Highlight the unique role of women to encourage Gender Equality
  • Encourage group work between students and community
  • Conforming with traditional practices of restricted information, as some information may not be shared
  • Themes can be used that run across the topics and grades, i.e.
    • Marovo stories
    • animals and plants
    • customs and traditions
    • livelihoods
    • our changing Marovo
    • suggestions please!

The team will refer to the curriculum statements for each grade, and consult with teachers and curriculum officers to map specific lesson objectives to grades and topics, completing the table of lesson ideas below. Then we will use the lesson plan template to create the draft plans. Note that at this stage we do not specify the way the Reef and Rainforest resource is used, or the outputs for the wiki. That is done in the detailed lesson plan.

Matrix of topics and themes

Reef and Rainforest Chapters Curriculum Topics Suggested Themes
  1. Coastal-marine topography and classification
  2. Corals, stones and other things that grow on the reef
  3. Fish and other swimming things of the sea and river
  4. Shells, sea cucumbers and other similar things
  5. Crustaceans of reef, beach, mangroves and forest
  6. The land: topography and soil types
  7. Plants of forest and gardens
  8. Snakes andall kinds of four-legged animals of the land
  9. Insects, spiders, centipeted and similar things
  10. Brids and bats

  1. Science
  2. Technology
  3. Environment
  4. Maths
  5. Social science
  6. Religious education
  7. Life sciences
  8. Customs and traditions
  1. Marovo stories
  2. the stories of the animals and plants
  3. highlight our customs and traditions
  4. how we live
  5. our changing Marovo
  6. suggestions please!

Table of lesson ideas

Many of these ideas were first suggested by Marovo teachers at the One day workshop on 4th Nov 2010

No Grade Topic and theme Curriculum objective General Goal(s) Specific Objectives Activity ideas
1 G6 Science - our changing Marovo Conservation / Traditional ways Understand need for marine conservation / sustainable management of marine resources Study and compare traditional and modern fishing methods
2 G6 Health - food from our Marovo nature Having a good diet To know what food is good for you To identify food types available in the forest or reef 
3 G6 Science - Land Soil Structure Understanding layout of soil structure and fertility Children will be able to observe the soil profile and make judgements about soil fertility
  • sample of soil profile
  • using senses to identify types of soil
  • researching about soil in the wiki and book
  • photographing and commenting on the wiki
4 G6 Community studies - culture The past and present Importance of preserving our culture Compare and discuss life in the past and present (food, houses, gardening, fishing, clothing). Compare impacts on environment reef and rainforest
  • Use wiki and book to research
  • Interviews (recordings)
  • Document demonstrations (fishing, house building, canoe, etc)
5 G6 Health - Healthy Environment The importance of the environment Management of the environment Understand how people depend on the environment
  • Interviews
  • Polls (of family, community etc)
  • Seaparks
  • Document field trips
6 G6 English - Marovo Lagoon for tomorrow English grammar

Writing essays

Study poetry

Oratory skills

Write and speak about views on the future of Marovo Lagoon, and how to be an active citizen in looking after resources
  • Research using wiki and book
  • Make presentations using either PPT or OLPC eToys presentations
  • Content upload to wiki
7 G6 Community study - The Sea Conservation Conservation of marine resources Learn the importance of the marine resources and food chain
  • write about importance of the sea in daily living
  • suggest ways of conserving marine resources
  • Draw pictures and posters of marine conservation
8 G6 Health - food in and around Marovo Learning about locval food from our reef and rainforest Having a good diet To learn about different types of food good for the body
9 G6 Agriculture - plants from our gardens Learning different types of garden food Naming garden crops in Marovo To identify food from the garden that can be either cooked or eaten raw
10 G6 Social science - Marovo women Gender equality the women's role in the community To learn traditional and modern roles and role models for women
11 G6 Science - conservation Conservation Learn about lifecycle of turtles Learning about breeding sites
  • Identify turtle breeding sites from wiki and book
  • Visit sites and photograph
  • Write story bout the turtle
12 G6 Health - communicable diseases Public health Prevention measures

Community health education

How environment affects health

  • Use  wiki and book to research environmental health factors
  • Identify and document envrironmental health risks
  • Use Poll activity to do survey of family members
13 G6

Community studies

Social changes

Social change Changing lifestyles Compare tradional and modern and identify advantages/disadvantages
14 G6 Christian education - respect Cultural behaviour Modesty Christianity
  • Study book and wiki
  • Identify and document biblical references
15 G6 English Writing skills Essay writing Write story of Marovo Lagoon
  • Use book and wiki for research
16 G6 Science Can identify plants, animals and things in nature To identify and understand Marovo natural things Catalogue and improve entries in the Reef and Rainforest resource

For an agreed topic

  • For given examples (i.e. photos, description) students look in book/wiki and identify
  • Provide photos or drawings, or audios etc for entries in the book/wiki
  • For selected entries, write shorts story, draw picture, quiz etc
17 G6 Social studies - culture and customs Understand custom and tradition To understand traditional medicine To identify medicinal uses (and beliefs) of Marovo forest plants
18 G6 Social Studies - tradional ways, Science, English To be able to write stories Assignment 1 from the Teachers Guide Write one page stories about 7 given topics using the Reef and Rainforest book and wiki
  • Interviews with family and community members
19 G6 Assignment sheet 2 from the Teachers Guide
20 G6 Assignment sheet 3 from the teachers guide

Detailed Lesson Plans

The detailed plans have been derived from the table of ideas above, using the Lesson Plan template (see links top of page)