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Formats and Applications available using PC computers

This page is intended to illustrate the various formats that could be used by school students to create content for the Reef and Rainforest wiki. They can also be used to explore and reuse existing OER content for educational purposes.

An accompanying page, OLPC Formats, has details of formats and applications that the teachers, students and support team have available when using OLPC XO laptops.

Below are some examples. More will be added later.

Of course any number of applications, especially FOSS, can be downloaded and installed.

Ideas for creating content

  • Interview elders, fishermen and others about Marovo nature/culture using mp3 recorders
  • Create a short audio drama to tell a story in Marovo.
    • You can record it in one sitting, or in parts which can be edited with Audacity.
    • Such recordings will be edited if need be by the technical team, then uploaded to the UNESCO wiki
    • They can later be broadcast on local or national radio

Access to computers and equipment

The OLPC XO activities can be used on PC computers by booting Sugar on a Stick from a flash drive. However, it is only the schools with OLPC that will have the 1:1 access to computers. Schools without OLPC will make use of a single computer shared by the community and operated by a designated person. Teachers can use digital cameras, voice recorders and paper-based tools in lessons to create content for the wiki. Those will be provided by the project.

Examples of Audio formats for podcast and broadcast

Please see the OLPC Formats page for suggestions of audio content formats.