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Landing page for the open content licensing 4 educators resources.

(Comment.gif: Eventually this project page will become the landing page for the Open content licensing for Educators training initiative. Text and links relating to the development phase will be removed when the drafting phase is completed. This page will list each of the units, the core objectives for each unit and the learning activity schedule for each unit. It will evolve as the project progresses. --Wayne Mackintosh 07:24, 22 December 2010 (UTC))

Project plan

(Comment.gif: This subsection is temporary and used for planning purposes. It will be removed when the project is completed. --Wayne Mackintosh 07:26, 22 December 2010 (UTC))

Content resources under development

(Comment.gif: This subsection is for planning purposes and will be removed when the project is completed. --Wayne Mackintosh 07:25, 22 December 2010 (UTC))

Note: Consult the Planning page for status of the project development.

Prerequisites for the course

  • Micro-blogging account eg or twitter.

(Comment.gif: We will need to develop learner support resource on how to set up a Micro-blogging account and guidelines on using hashtags. --Wayne Mackintosh 07:28, 22 December 2010 (UTC))

Course schedule

Educators care: Why open matters?

Activity type Description Time Link
E-Activity If you have not done so already, please introduce yourself using your course blog. (Remember to register your blog on the course landing page.) 15 mins

(for post)

Declare yourself
Microblog After viewing the video signpost from Stephen Downes, share your thoughts with the OCL4Ed group. 5 mins Thoughts on video from Downes
Discussion Share your thoughts on education as a vocation or profession. 10 mins Vocation or profession forum
Open survey Open reflections on fair and reasonable practice of sharing 10 mins Survey
Microblog Microblog posts base on video of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu on the importance of freedom in education. 5 mins Freedom to learn
Microblog Inspirational or creative microblog post on the importance of freedom in education. 5 mins Freedom to learn video
Learning reflection Post a learning reflection on Session 1 0.5 - 1 hour 1st Learning reflection

Creative Commons unplugged

Activity Description Time Section link
Microblog After watching the video signpost from Cathy Casserly share your thoughts. 3 mins Video signpost
Video reflection View Justin Cone's video: "Creativity builds on the past" 2 mins Introduction
Microblog Post reflections on "Creativity builds on the past" video 2 mins Introduction
Video reflection Meet Creative Commoner, Justin Cone, who provides a behind the scenes reflection on making the video: "Creativity builds on the past" 8 mins Introduction
Microblog Post a few personal reflections after meeting Justin Cone. 3 mins Introduction
Video reflection View the "Wanna work together" video to gain an overview of Creative Commons. 3 mins The CC basics
Microblog Share what you learned with fellow course participants 2 mins The CC basics
Web activity Test your knowledge of the different Creative Commons licenses using the license chooser. 8 mins The CC licenses
Quiz Card game to test your knowledge of license compatibility using a number of remix scenarios. 8 mins Remix game
Microblog Sharing a closing thought about Creative Commons. 3 mins Learning reflection
E-Activity Practical remix, redistribution and licensing of open content materials. 2 hours Remix and relicense

Copyright: Your educational right to copy

Activity type Description Time Link
Quiz Getting started: Copyright taster quiz 3 mins Introduction
Quiz Orientation questions 2 mins History of copyright
Microblog Reflect on how "copy" right has changed through history 3 min History of copyright
Quiz Copyright teaser quiz 2 mins Scope of copyright
Reading Consult relevant documentation to determine who owns the copyright of your creative works 15 mins Ownership of copyright
Microblog Share what you have found out and feel about the ownership of your creative works 3 mins Ownership of copyright
Microblog Share something new you learned about rights and protections 3 mins Rights and protections
Web resources Visiting institutions who have adopted open licensing policies 8 mins Transfer of rights
Case study Reviewing copyright implications for developing an online course on Shakespeare's Hamlet 20 mins Case study
Discussion Reflection and sharing of ideas on the Case study. 5 mins Forum reflection
E-Activity Develop a multiple choice question on copyright 1 - 2 hours Copyright MCQ