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Why does open matter in education?

Learning pathway: Educators care: Why open matters (Part 1)

If you have just joined us, you should set up your personal learning environment including a microblog account and course blog (see Orientation session). You can use WEnotes, twitter or Google+ for the microblog activities. We begin with a welcome from Stephen Downes followed by a short reflective reading on teaching as a vocation and profession. We look forward to reading your thoughts on the discussion activity. We commence our journey into open content licensing for educators by asking participants what they consider fair and reasonable practice using an online survey. We will wrap up Session 1 with a reflection on the meaning of freedom in education and you will share your thoughts with the group using microblog posts.

Resources to work through

No. Resource link
1 Have you established your personal learning environment for this course? If not consult:
2 Video Signpost - Stephen Downes
3 Reading reflection: Is teaching a vocation or profession
4 Permission to teach
5 Freedom to learn
6 Visit the #OCL4Ed microblog feed

Learning activities

Activity type Description Time Link
E-Activity If you have not done so already, please introduce yourself using your course blog. (Remember to register your blog on the course landing page.) 15 mins

(for post)

Declare yourself
Microblog After viewing the video signpost from Stephen Downes, share your thoughts with the OCL4Ed group. 5 mins Thoughts on video from Downes
Discussion Share your thoughts on education as a vocation or profession. 10 mins Vocation or profession forum
Open survey Open reflections on fair and reasonable practice of sharing 10 mins Survey
Microblog Microblog posts base on video of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu on the importance of freedom in education. 5 mins Freedom to learn
Microblog Inspirational or creative microblog post on the importance of freedom in education. 5 mins Freedom to learn video
Learning reflection Post a learning reflection on Session 1 0.5 - 1 hour 1st Learning reflection