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Rumginae Primary School - Jim Taylor Memorial Primary School, Kisap - Matkomai Primary School - Finalbin Primary School - The 3 Telefomin Primary Schools
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Telefomin Schools: Tekin, Mitikinap and Tomianap Primary Schools OLPC projects

Photos of schools

Tekin-olpc-1.jpg Tompianap-olpc-1.jpg
Tekin Primary School Tomianap Primary School
Mitikinap-olpc-1.jpg Kis-olpc-4.jpg
Mitikinap School with Head Teacher Simon Nimyon, who has been trained as an OLPC trainer Eric (shown), a Canadian volunteer teaching at Tekin Primary School seen here when he and his wife Hannah Lee assisted with the teacher training at Jim Taylor school (Kisap) in July 2010, and were thus trained as trainers for the Telefomin district schools OLPC deployments.

Teachers names

Tekin Primary

Name Post Class
Mr. Timothy Sel Head Teacher Grade 6A
Mr. Timson Habtoll Deputy H/Teacher Grade 7A&B
Mrs. Susan Glemmis Senior Teacher Grade 4A&B
Mrs. Methlyn Binan Senior Teacher Grade 3A&B
Mr. Leo Nick Senior Teacher Grade 8A&B
Mr. Ben Gatat Assistant Teacher Grade 5A&B
Mr. Martin Tandamat Assistant Teacher Grade 6 B

7 vacant assistant teachers positions

Tomianap Primary

Name Post Class
Mr. Simon Nimyon Head Teacher Grade 8
Mrs Lucy Luke Assistant Teacher Grade 6
Mr. Jamson Mah Assistant Teacher Grade 5
Mr. Tony Nawalin Assistant Teacher Grade 7
Mr. Kaison Wonat Assistant Teacher Grade 4
All teachers taking care Grade 3

2 assistant teachers positions vacant

Mitikinap Primary

Name Post Class
Mr. Robin Tandamat Head Teacher Grade 3
Mr. Robert Tandamat Assistant Teacher Grade 7
Mr. Maiki Ahun Assistant Teacher Grade 8
Mr. Milson Folmineng Assistant Teacher Grade 4
Mr. Ono Mineng Assistant Teacher Grade 6

2 vacant assistant teachers position