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Matkomai Primary School, North Fly, OLPC Project

Matkomnai is one of the larger schools and positioned centrally amongst the eight schools in North Fly, Western Province. It is operated by the Catholic Education Authority. During the first two weeks of August 2010, 18 teachers were trained in basic OLPC awareness and operation of the laptops. An action plan has been drawn up that will lead to the deployment of the OLPC projects at each of the remaining six schools in the next 1-2 months.

The teachers were given level 1 and level 2 training and completed the "minimum skill set" training for classroom use. More information on the training curriculum can be found here

Details of the training in pictures

Matkomnai-olpc-1.jpg Matkomnai-olpc-2.jpg
The teachers of Matkomnai PS with their XOs Head Teacher Anthony Kute with the main classroom block behind
Matkomnai-olpc-3.jpg Matkomnai-olpc-4.jpg
Teachers during training Teachers during training
Matkomnai-olpc-5.jpg Matkomnai-olpc-6.jpg
Teachers during training The DC Share solution was used during the training
Matkomnai-olpc-7.jpg Matkomnai-olpc-8.jpg
The server room with Sundaya solar kits Teachers in training

Participants Trained

Name Post Location
1 Mr Anthony Kute Head Teacher Matkomnai PS
2 Mr Walaya Gauba Teacher Matkomnai PS
3 Mrs Dedeyato Gauba Teacher Matkomnai PS
4 Mr Joel Elia Teacher Matkomnai PS
5 Mr Akis Narok Teacher Matkomnai PS
6 Mr Bren Lucas Teacher Matkomnai PS
7 Miss Geraldine Kondek Assistant Teacher Matkomnai PS
8 Miss Melanie Marcello Assistant Teacher Matkomnai PS
9 Mrs Ruth Lunge Head Teacher Tapko PS
10 Mrs Monika Onde Teacher Tapko PS
11 Mr Paul Ralph Teacher Tapko PS
12 Mr Kisnai Diben Head Teacher Yenkenai PS
13 Mr Robert Mark Teacher Dome PS
14 Mr Meabe Tuafa Teacher Dome PS
15 Mr Kaspar Kayamat Head Teacher Kungim PS
16 Mr Dickson Yarokam Teacher Kungim PS
17 Mrs Simal Akus Teacher Finalbin PS
18 Mr Martin Kelly Teacher Finalbin PS

Teachers yet to be trained

Name Post Location
1 Mr Marcelus Dominicus Teacher Yenkenai PS
2 Mrs Marystella Pitalai Teacher Yenkenai PS
3 Mr John Panuan Teacher Kungim PS
4 Mr Tren Dine Teacher Kungim PS
5 Sr Sandra Yandu Teacher Kungim PS
6 Mr Bill Edo Teacher Kungim PS
7 Teacher Dome PS
8 Teacher Dome PS
9 Teacher Finalbin PS
10 Teacher Finalbin PS
11 Teacher Finalbin PS
12 Teacher Finalbin PS