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Rumginae Primary School - Jim Taylor Memorial Primary School, Kisap - Matkomai Primary School - Finalbin Primary School - The 3 Telefomin Primary Schools
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Rumginae Primary School, North Fly, OLPC Project

Latest news and feedback from the school

We hope that a regular flow of feedback (and eventually data from an M&E programme) will be posted here.

Details in pictures

Rumginae Primary School is run by the Evangelical Church. The launching of the project took place during the week ending May 7th, 2010.

Rumg-olpc-1.jpg Rumg-OLPC-2a.jpg
70 laptops were distributed in 3 classes (G3, 4A and 4B) Students during the training
Rumg-olpc-3.jpg Rumg-olpc-4.jpg
Drawing using 'Paint" discovered on a G3 boy's laptop during the launching, exhibits evidence of laptop skills David Mul of DWU during teacher training. Training took place over one week and included basic laptop skills, activities, using the server and introduction to classroom integration (lesson planning with the laptops)
Rumg-olpc-5.jpg Rumg-olpc-6.jpg
Launch day, May 7th 2010. Lawrence Stephens of PNG SDP is handing over a laptop to a student whilst his parent signs a "parent's agreement" indicating that they understand and agree with the objectives and principles of the OLPC programme Simple but effective. The "eBox" school server in place. This puts about 20GB of open educational resources at the fingertips of the teachers and students, including Schools Wikipedia, UNESCO-ASEAN SchoolNet resources, regional resources via SPC, e-books and diverse regionally-related resources for teachers, students and community]
Lawrence handing over a laptop to a student during launch day