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Finalbin Primary School OLPC Project

Finalbin P/S is a Catholic Primary School with just under 400 students, situated near the Ok Tedi mine, Tabubil, North Fly, Western Province. The PNGSDP OLPC programme is to provide XOs to grade 3s.

A PNG SDP team arrived on 13th May 2011 to complete the server and wireless installation.

User training was given to 7 teachers from Finalbin and two from Tapko P/S. This included email training for three teachers, who were joined to the OLPC-PNGSDP email group, to provide online support.

The school is now planning a suitable time for the launching and handover of laptops to students.

In Pictures

From May 2011.

FinalbinOLPC1.jpg FinalbinOLPC2.jpg
FinalbinOLPC3.jpg FinalbinOLPC4.jpg
400px 400px
400px 400px

Participant list

Name School Title Tel Email
Patricia Bala Finalbin P/S Gr 7 73015332
Maryanne Buti Finalbin P/S Gr 3 72279193 maryanne.buti AT gmail.com
Robert Mark Finalbin P/S Gr 7A robertbmark AT gmail.com
Theresa Libune Finalbin P/S Gr 8A 71722835
Magdeline Anep Finalbin P/S Gr 4B 72863457
David Kotomi Finalbin P/S Gr 3A davidkotomi AT gmail.com
Nick Numera Finalbin P/S Gr 6 71648705
Robert Baisine Tapko P/S Gr 5 73749617
Godlivia B Wilo Tapko P/S Gr 4 73749624