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This is a work in progress

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The aim of this page is to create a highly scalable, repository of training resources and educational resources for the One Laptop Per Child Oceania programme, including localised content created in multiple languages.

OLPC Oceania

OLPC Oceania is a regional initiative led by the Secretariat for the Pacific Community, SPC, and the One Laptop per Child Foundation, with associated groups OLPC Australia and OLPC New Zealand.

Training guides for facilitators of OLPC Oceania Trials

These resources consist of lesson plans and supporting materials to help facilitators of OLPC Trials taking place across the Oceania region.

See also OLPC Oceania Teacher Training strategy page 


OLPC Oceania Workbook for Education Officers, by David Leeming. A workbook to accompany 2 day workshop for education officers and teachers participating in an OLPC Oceania Country Trial.

Developing ideas for training

This page is updated continuously by the deployment teams

Teacher Training

These lesson plans link to the OLPC Oceania Teacher Training strategy page. These are also available on the Solomon Islands SchoolNet Moodle, having been published using the Wikieducator Collections and IMS content package export facility.

Student training


A repository of open educational resources and localised content intended for the XO laptops in Oceania countries.


This is a repository of lesson plans by Nauru Primary School teachers.

Nauru Lesson Plans