Nauru Lesson Plans

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Nauru Lesson Plans

Teachers in Nauru will be adding lesson plans here.

rich task : An kiwiwud bwio naoero year = 2 topic = Science week = 10/11

Lesson Objective Subtopic Activity OLPC related activity Skills / knowledge to be learned
Compare, identify clarify between sounds

Energy and Force To be able to identify and measure sounds within the environment using the laptop

STEP 1Divide class into groups of six. Explain and discuss what children are required to do. Demonstrate with laptop.

STEP 2TamTamMini activity.Play different sounds in activity, Discuss findings, record and compare known sounds in each group.

STEP 3Write activity.Type in recording/findings. Name sounds and type under group / transport / other

STEP 4Groups choose 5 items to record and capture (items within school boundary) eg. Bell, voicesSTEP 5Measure activityGroups combine into one groupSTEP 6Compare different wave band according to their findings and discuss which has a higher/lower pitch on laptops.

Comparing soundsKnowing soundsWorking in a groupUsing TamTamMini

Analysing and creating categoriesExpression / writingUsing Write (word processor)

The nature of soundSound having patternsPhysical properties of sound

Special preparations and considerations

Parent's briefing in Nauru, May 2009