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This is a lesson plan for facilitators of OLPC Oceania trials and roll-outs in the Pacific Islands region, associated with OLPC Australia and OLPC New Zealand. For more information on OLPC Oceania click here. For the full list of lesson plans, click here

This training programme is based on the schedule used in PNG as part of the “8-country trials”. It constitutes the minimum teacher training input recommended. It would be preferable to increase the time allocated to this training substantially. We recommend that even in deployments where only one class is receiving laptops, all the teachers in the school should be trained. (In fact, they will probably demand to be trained!!). In addition, if any education officials are present, they can also be trained at the same time. Feedback: At Drekikir in PNG, the Head Teacher invited his counterparts from two nearby primary schools and the District Education Advisor and District Standards Officer.

OLPC Oceania Teacher Training: Lesson 1: Introducing the OLPC Vision

This lesson is primarily intended to be given to teachers at the participating schools. However, it may be used for any occasion where facilitators wish to raise awareness of the OLPC amongst a group of people. You will of course wish to pitch the presentation to match.

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After this lesson, participants will understand:

  • OLPC - the vision, the mission, the 5 principles
  • The concepts of the technologies - learning, creating and collaborating. Understanding that this is not a laptop project
  • Constructionist learning, the concept of a learning project, "learning by doing"
  • Guided learning, the role of the teacher
  • OLPC around the world
  • OLPC Oceania
  • OLPC and this country

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Information pack

Videos (available only via offline media)

  • OLPC Peru video (as shown at the May Countries Meeting in Boston).
  • OLPC PNG videos (Dreikikir, Gaire)
  • OLPC Solomon Islands video (Bekabeka)


  • Printed handouts of the information pack (above) for each participant
  • Some copies of expanded information for the school office. It is nice to prepare some bound copies. Examples of useful information include:
    • OLPC model in Nepal, a research paper by Saurev Dev Bhatta (May 2008). To download, click here This is a very useful discussion of how ICT can improve quality and reduce disparity in a country's education system, and how the XO laptops can positively affect determinants of student outcomes.


  • Laptop computer to show the video resources
  • Some XOs

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Requirements for the facilitator You will be fully conversant with the core principles of OLPC. You must be comfortable with the contents of the information pack, and it would be helpful to be aware of any linkages with the country's education system. Discussion of the topics with senior educationalists in the country before giving the training is desirable. We also recommend you read the OLPC Model in Nepal paper (above) or the commentary on OLPC News

Lesson Plan

This lesson will normally be given as presentation given by the facilitator, in an informal friendly style, with frequent opportunities for discussion and feedback. The lesson plan is really just a guide.


  1. Introduce yourself, Pacific Islands style (explain who you are, what brought you here, about your family)
  2. Record the names and titles of those present.

A first look at the laptops

  1. Briefly show them the laptops

OLPC around the world

  1. Introduce them to the OLPC project. A brief history of OLPC

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  1. Gather the teachers around the XOs and summarise a few key features
  2. This is a learning tool for children, not an office computer!
  3. View Video - OLPC Peru

Education Theory

  1. Explain the 5 core principles
  2. Explain constructionist education theory

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Have a discussion about "learning by doing"

  • How might the computers improve access and quality?
  • To what extent is "Learning by doing" used in the country's education system?

OLPC in Oceania

  1. Explain the Pacific Digital Strategy and how OLPC and RICS are components
  2. Briefly explain the history of OLPC Oceania leading up to the multi-country trials
  3. Briefly outline future prospects

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View videos of OLPC Oceania

  1. PNG: Dreikikir, Gaire
  2. Solomons: Bekabeka

OLPC in this country

  1. Describe any OLPC initiatives in this country
  2. Give names of key officials and partners
  3. Introduce the schedule for the trial or deployment

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Discuss what has to be arranged and what the appropriate timings will be to fit into the school timetable. The Principal/Head Teacher will take a lead role. Identify and resource/equipment issues. Agree on a timetable and record it.

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Summarise key points