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When: 8 April 2014, 12:00PM NZST (Click on link for local time.)
Where: Google Hangouts on Air (Conveners to be sent invite to join hangout as participants 10 mins prior to start of the broadcast).


  1. Welcome and procedures
  2. Personal introduction from conveners and statement of tentative aims for each working group (3 mins max)
  3. Agreement on aims and objectives of the OERuMC
  4. Identification of tasks for the OERuMC
    • Feedback on draft for meeting guidelines and procedures - Target date for completion? Volunteers to review and complete the draft?
    • Development of an agenda template for OERu Management Committee meetings
    • Other tasks?
  5. Overview of the working group planning process and supporting technologies
  6. Overview of the open OERu strategic planning consultation
  7. Report from the Strategic Planning working group
  8. Review of the 2014 operational priorities
  9. Agreement on target dates for aims and objectives of the working groups
  10. Chair for the next meeting of the OERu Management Committee
  11. Tentative date range for next meeting - Around the week starting 26 May?
  12. General

Meeting papers


  1. Quicklinks for structure and organisation of the OERu initiative
  2. OERu strategic planning portal
  3. Working group structure in the wiki
  4. Homepage for the Strategic Planning Working Group

Proposed aims for the OERu Management Committee

  • To guide and direct the activity of the OERu ensuring that the network achieves the outcomes for which it was set up

Proposed objectives for the OERu Management Committtee

  • To coordinate the operational activities of the OERu working groups
  • To avoid unnecessary duplication of effort among the OERu working groups
  • To determine operational priorities for the successful implementation of the OERu for the benefit of its partner institutions and the learners we serve
  • To inform the ongoing development of the OERu strategic plan
  • To serve as forum for the exchange of ideas and OERu best practice

Decisions of the Strategic Planning working group

Guidelines for conducting OERuMC meetings

Minutes and decisions

Read minutes in conjunction with the recording of OERuMC April 2014 meeting for detailed record. Video timestamps for relevant minutes are indicated below.

  1. Attendance: Full representation of all working groups: Irwin DeVries, Ron McGivern, Sarah Lambert, Sandra Wills, Brian Lamb, Marc Singer, David Bull, Jim Taylor & Wayne Mackintosh. Apologies noted from David Sadler and Diane Conrad.
  2. Conveners introduced themselves and shared aims of the working groups
    • [6.00] David Bull (Marketing and recruitment). Aims: Extend global reach of the OERu to 1) attract other providers to join the network 2) Get the word out to students of the benefits of OERu study. Noted Action item to recruit marketing professionals from OERu partners to join the working group.
    • [9.02] Irwin DeVries (Course design and development manual). Aims: Develop online support manual to 1) Help new partners navigate the OERu process and 2) Support the open design and development of OERu courses.
    • [12.30] Ron McGivern (Credit transfer and course articulation). Aims: Develop partner guidelines for implementing credit transfer and course articulation within the OERu network.
    • [14.18] Jim Taylor (Strategic planning working group). Jim referenced decisions of the 1st Strategic planning workgroup meeting. Aims: 1) Steering group emphasis to coordinate activities among Council of CEOs, OERuMC, OERu working groups and OER Foundation. 2) Produce integrated set of documents for the 2014 - 2017 strategic plan and operational needs for realising the big picture.
    • [17.20] Jim Taylor introduced the Quicklinks graphic which can serve as a landing page for access to the relevant activities in the wiki.
    • [20.51] Brain Lamb (Technology). Aims: 1) Extending MediaWiki into other environments (extensions) 2) Progressing work on federated wikis 3) Interoperability of OERu content with WordPress 4) Lowering barriers for authoring.
    • [24.18] Sarah Lambert (Course approvals and quality). Aims: 1) Streamline process for course nominations (including peer review) 2) Develop minimum quality standards for OERu courses. Noted: 1) Important to coordinate with programme of study group. 2) action item to recruit more members for this group.
    • [28.35] Sandra Wills (Curriculum and programmes of study). Aims: 1) to develop logical programme of study leading to degree(s) 2) explore "marketable" streams / degrees 3) Conduct inventory of OERu partners who offer Bachelor of General Studies (or equivalent) credentials. Noted 1) Australian National OERu meetup 2) Noted: need to work on "both ends", i.e. developing product in parallel with developing programme(s) of study.
    • [34.56] Marc Singer (PLAR course project). Aim: To develop OERu PLAR course on how to build PLAR porfolio. Noted: 1) TESC has taken the necessary steps for open sharing of their two PLAR courses 2) Need to internationalise for reuse globally 3) Offer from TRU to input their open resources for this activity.
  3. [38.10] Reviewed draft for meeting guidelines and procedures
    • Resolved that procedures are robust enough to move forward and will be adapted as required.
    • Resolved that OERuMC will meet every 6 to 8 weeks.
    • Resolved that Wayne Mackintosh will continue to chair the first few meetings of OERuMC and then revisit to share the load and build the OERu tier of leadership to convene meetings.
  4. [43.18] Noted that each working group has a landing page in the wiki listing aims, objectives and membership of the group. Tasks are listed as subpages of the relevant working group. The schedule of tasks (with target dates and completion status) will be hosted on the UNESCO-COL OER Chair website (Wordpress). Conveners will be provided with editing rights for the site. Wayne will develop instruction page in the wiki for this process.
  5. [45.40] Resolved to use the technologies at our disposal for keeping a public accessible record of activities and enhancing communication with the OERu community.
  6. [46.41] Noted the outputs of the Strategic planning working group meeting in refining the Strategic Planning Portal collating decisions and proposals for action from the OERu 2013 meetings. The Strategic planning portal will be used for the open consultation process leading to the synthesis and final approval of the plan.
  7. [52.50] Reviewed 2014 Operational Priorities
    • Resolved that development of Academic Volunteers International should be incorporated into the priority list (tentatively weighted as level 2).
    • Emphasised the need for developing product aiming for 20 of the 30 partners to complete the assembly of one course by the end of 2014.
  8. [1.00.20] Resolved that working groups will finalise aims and objectives within 3 weeks (taking Easter holidays into account).
  9. [1.01.30] Reviewed draft aim of the OERuMC included in meeting papers above
    • Resolved that the aim should be refined to reflect the managerial, operational and implementation focus of OERuMC. "Seed and implement" were suggested as verbs.
  10. [1.06.43] Reviewed draft objectives of the OERuMC included in the meeting papers above
    • Noted the need for "action verbs"
    • Resolved that the following objectives should be added:
      • to implement the decisions of the OERuMC
      • to represent the OERu network and liaise with organisations outside the collaboration in achieving the aims of the partnership.
      • to locate resources (people time) to assist with the implementation of OERuMC decisions.
  11. [1.12.48] General
    • Resolved that digital badging should be added to the objectives of the credit transfer and course articulation group.
    • Resolved that working groups can use technologies of their choice to meet and discuss, but outputs must be documented publicly in the wiki.
    • Resolved that operational email communication should be posted on the OERu partner planning list.

Action items

  1. Recruit marketing professionals from OERu partners to assist the Marketing and Recruitment working group. - Deferred as action item for the Marketing working group. --Mackiwg 01:05, 10 May 2014 (UTC)
  2. Recruit more members for the course approval and quality working group - Deferred to course approval and quality working group. .
  3. Develop instruction page in the wiki for scheduling of working group tasks on the UNESCO-COL OER Chair website
  4. Incorporate Academic Volunteers International into operational priority list Done -Mackiwg 03:16, 24 May 2014 (UTC)
  5. Alert conveners of deadline for finalising aims and objectives for the working groups. - Done. Email sent to all conveners requesting finalisation of aims and objectives by close of business 9 May 2014. --Mackiwg 01:08, 10 May 2014 (UTC)
  6. Refine OERuMC aim to reflect implementation focus. Done - --Mackiwg 01:04, 10 May 2014 (UTC)
  7. Add agreed objectives to the OERuMC page. Done --Mackiwg 01:18, 10 May 2014 (UTC)
  8. Add appropriate objective relating to digital badging to the credit transfer and course articulation group. Transferred to Credit Transfer group for decision. --Mackiwg 03:19, 10 May 2014 (UTC)