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As per earlier version of the ToC

Find OER

Structure Compose and Adapt


Important Pages

Cross Cutting Concerns

  • licensing - find, compose, adapt, share
  • file formats - find, compose, adapt, share
  • accessibility - find, compose, adapt, share

KT To Do

NB I am not committing to these ... just hope to find the time soon ...

  • Go through the user stories
  • Licensing section - leave 'till last (or after all other sections perused)
  • On third pass: standardise 's's to 'z's, split infinitives, apostrophes for possessives only.
  • Case study or story running through a set of exercises with each chapter.
  • Structure:
    • Think about the copyright paradox
    • Which cross-cutting concerns could be done by end of June?
    • Check the other things on the Thoughts on Structure page and in the issue tracker ...

On-going Learning