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This started as a discussion about the meaning of Compose and Adapt but is growing into a discussion about structure of the handbook.

Conceptual Structure

I can still imagine a conceptual structure as follows:

  • Compose
    • Quality - combine quality and multiple sources to get something like (new) Quality.
    • Accessibility
    • Preferred Data Formats
    • Modify <-- not nec. as a heading (modify and enhance are already implicit)
      • Enhance (in accordance with Quality above) <-- not nec. as a heading
      • Adapt <-- sub-heading of Compose
        • Localise
          • Translate
          • Recontextualise <-- possibly already covered in Quality.
        • Mobile Access ( currently, this section is more "design" for "mobile access" rather than "adapt for mobile access" - so --> Compose.)
    • Tools <-- Appendix (Image editing, Audio editing, Video editing, Office suites,Web authoring, Learning support systems)
    • Perspectives (on composing and adapting)

Suggesting the chapter structure below (indentation optional):

Chapter Structure

  • Tools - as an appendix
  • Perspectives (on composing and adapting)

These thoughts triggered ideas for the structure of the handbook - see ideas for future editions.