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House Objectives

The house will be designed like an organism, a living machine. Here are the existing design objectives. Like every aspect of this wiki, they are fully editable by anyone with an account.

(Please Note: These are our current objectives only, and will be updated to reflect the current general consensus. Discussion for these topics is located at MyHomeYourHome/Elements_of_the_Home.)

Human Centered Design

  • Most houses are designed around the stuff and objects that we own instead of the human body. One goal of our tiny house is to consider how the space can encourage people to live with the minimum of clutter/stuff while still creating a warm and customizable atmosphere. We are also considering how the space can encourage exercise and ergonomically healthy movement as well as socialization and community.

The Home as an Organism:

We are designing a system to take into consideration the following elements. You can read about the designs here. MyHomeYourHome/Systems

Consumption and Digestion

  • the home will be designed to process waste in-house. this may mean a composting toilet, a vermiculture system, a solar composter, or some other method.


  • the home will be designed to collect its own water, and to purify its own graywater.

Passive heating and cooling

  • the home will passively heat and cool itself. this process should require no electrical energy.
  • this system will take into account the inside air quality of the house, so that air circulation and heating systems work together.

Energy Sources

  • the home will be designed to integrate many alternative energy sources. this may include but will not be limited to: solar, wind, hydro, human, etc.
  • separate appliances may run on their own power sources- like lights which have their own individual solar cells, or hand cranks. this will minimize maintainance costs.
  • The potential of integrating with the 'grid' and aiming for a net energy use of zero will be explored.