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The various nodes in this project

What is a node? From my experience, computer science types use 'node' to reference locations or points of information within a system. In this case I'm referring to the idea that there will be many different services located around the web and the real world that will be part of this overall project. So this GoogleGroups page would be one node, any blogs we might set up in the future would be nodes, and so on.


This is a webpage created by us and hosted on Emily Carr webspace. It will act as a centralized weblocation that provides access to the other nodes in the project.


Wiki Educator has kindly allowed us to implement a wiki within their webspace. This means that we effectively have a mini Wikipedia that we can use to collaborate, collect information, and formalize documents. I'm sure you're welcome to involve yourself in WikiEducator's other projects, but at the very least, please be kind to their work and restrict activity related to the tiny house project to pages under the MyHomeYourHome/ root page. This seems to be filling the role of 'encyclopedia' rather than 'discussion forum', which makes sense given Wikipedia's existence, but wasn't the original goal.

Mailing List

A GoogleGroup. The aim here is to provide a way for threads of discussion to be archived and organised. Perhaps it'll move onto a service under our own power eventually once it demonstrates it's usefulness and matures a bit. Joining the group will result in you being included in the mailing list that is being used to discuss and collaborate, it is possible to limit the number of emails you receive in a day if you don't want to get overwhelmed by discussion.

Facebook group

This provides access to the Wonderful Wide Web of Facebook, specifically to increase the face of the project and to provide event organization resources.

Dropbox Blog

Blogs provide an easy way to put tid-bits of information into storage and to create rss feed from it. If many people can post then it becomes a way for a group to collect ideas from many places and organise them into a single feed of information. The dropbox blog is for collecting interesting links and ideas.

Events Blog

Exploratory blog where project co-ordinators can post upcoming events or important dates.

We are also considering:

  • A file storage system accessible anywhere/anytime but with access control for 'finalised' files such as applications or reports. Perhaps a SVN repository.
  • Using IRC. Perhaps setting up an IRC channel if people would consider it useful.