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Warm welcome to Million Pillars Economy Theory Development Project

WE decode the science of inclusive economic development!!!

Million Pillars Economy for inclusive development! Inclusive development for a better world! Contribute economic ideas for a better world!

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A page to manage the awarding of Budding Economist Badge

Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

Criteria for awarding the badge

This is a badge named "Budding Economist Open Badge" to recognize to innate passion and sincere contributions to the field of Economics as a beginner.
  1. Should be a registered user of WikiEducator.
  2. Must have provided a valid e-mail while registering as a user on WikiEducator.
  3. Fairly developed user page with Personal Info Box.
  4. Add reply/comment to any one of the discussions on the Discussion page of Million Pillar Economy Theory Development page.
  5. Add an article on either the principal theory or any one of the sub theories of proposed Million Pillar Economy theory as a new discussion on the Discussion page of the project page. The article must have minimum 750 words.

On a test basis, this badge has been created.

To add this badge template on user pages of users who fulfills the above criteria, enter the following syntax:

{{Badge_BuddingEconomist}} - note that this syntax is case sensitive.