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Mosep logo small.jpg MOSEP ePortfolio Tutorial: Module 3
Presentation of Evidence
Overview / Introduction - Module 3
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Session 2: Compiling a presentational ePortfolio

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After this session the participant will:

  • Be able to select evidence from an existing ePortfolio and design a presentational ePortfolio for given interview or presentational situations;
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding that the content and style of a presentational ePortfolio must be appropriate to the audience;
  • Have explored a range of different strategies that could be used to encourage students to select appropriate evidence for their presentational ePortfolio;
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of a range of techniques that could be used by a Teacher or Trainer to support a student as they design, select appropriate digital artefacts and construct a presentational ePortfolio;
  • Be able to demonstrate an awareness of the impact that successful interview or presentational situations can have on the self esteem and confidence of the learner;
  • Have developed their personal ePortfolio to include a presentational ePortfolio for a given interview or presentational situations.

NOTE: This presentational ePortfolio will be required for the next session;

  • Have explored factors that might affect student motivation and encourage students to take responsibility for the production of a presentational ePortfolio;
  • Have explored the MOSEP resources and discussed how they might be used with students belonging to the target groups;
  • Developed an awareness of the research and good practice about the use of presentational ePortfolios;

Activity 1 - Planning your presentational ePortfolio

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Activity 2 - Workshop - Creating your presentational ePortfolio for your End of Module Presentation

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Session 2 - Activity 2

Now it's time for you to create your own presentational ePortfolio for the "End of Module presentation". You need to think about the following:

Action Plan Template

Workshop - presentational ePortflio Workshop

Compile your own presentational ePortfolio for your End of Module presentation

Activity 3 - Checking your Presentational ePortfolio

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Session 2 - Activity 3 [30 mins]

Assignment Before you present your presentational ePortfolio, work through the following check list:

  • Purpose - is the content and style appropriate for the purpose of the interview or presentational situation?
  • Content - is it clear and well presented, spell checked, proof read, videos work etc?
  • Navigation - does it work, no broken links or missing information?
  • User Interface – is it easy to find evidence
  • Competencies - Does it contain all of the evidence required by the interview or presentational situation?
    • Is the evidence that has been selected appropriate for purpose?
    • Does it include appropriate evidence that demonstrates the required competencies?
    • Is the format of the evidence appropriate for the competencies being presented (inc. multimedia evidence)?

Activity 4 - Role play, using a presentational ePortfolio

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Session 2 - Activity 4 [40 mins]

Role play: - Participants deliver their presentational ePortfolio to other participants

Activity 5 - Designing support materials

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Session 2 - Activity 6 [30 mins]
  • Design a set of instructions or a worksheet that your learners could use to help them to compile their presentational ePortfolio and prepare for an interview or presentational situation.
  • Present your worksheet to other participants and take feedback
  • Consider the feedback that you recieved, revise and update your worksheet