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This page is to flesh out the text for the libre puro emblem (previously proposed as a license). Be sure to read the discussions and follow the links below for further background.
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Libre Puro Emblem

The following is a mockup[1] of how such an emblem may be presented on its home page:

By placing this Libre Puro emblem on a web page, you are indicating a libre puro resource and acknowledging libre community values.

To do so, paste text such as the following HTML into your page:

<a href=" Puro Emblem" target="_blank">
<img alt="Libre Puro" title="Libre Puro"
 style="border: 0px solid ; width: 72px; height: 24px;"

Which will result in[2]:

Libre Puro

See Licensing.

(Kim Tucker)

The emblem Libre Puro signifies that the resource you are viewing, listening to or otherwise experiencing or using carries the "libre puro" label indicating that

  • as a user/ producer/ co-editor you have all the freedoms indicated in the w:libre knowledge definition
  • the resource may be edited/manipulated with libre software
  • the server software is GNU Affero General Public License (or similarly) licensed
  • the data, information, services and other knowledge resources aggregated are also "libre puro"
  • suppliers of the data, information, services and knowledge adopt/ embrace/ promote the freedom values
  • other associated issues (e.g. privacy and control of personal data) are addressed (this needs to be unpacked, see for example the autonomous wiki)

A network service is "libre puro" if:

  • the underlying data is libre puro (accessible in a free file format which by definition is editable via libre software),
    • private data is accessible, editable, exportable and removable by the party concerned;
    • derived data, or information generated using libre puro data is released under a libre puro compatible license;
  • the information resources used by the service are libre puro and are generated with libre software,
  • the knowledge resources are libre puro and all components are generated with libre software, accessing only libre puro information and libre puro data.
  • only libre communication protocols are used.

Where human interaction is involved, it is via a service where users have agreed that their statements and contributions (via text, voice or other media) are libre puro.

For network services the above technical points apply and the parties offering the service subscribe to the libre community values.

A Libre Puro resource need not be attributed unless required by the license of any of its components. "Puro" idealists prefer people to keep derived works and services "libre puro" (without stopping others from using and deriving works under CC BY-SA for example).

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  1. For this mockup most of the links are internal to WikiEducator.
  2. NB This is a 'mockup' using a copy of the emblem on WikiEducator and which links back to WikiEducator. It does not show the title and alt properties of the HTML image tag.