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On the one hand, it may make sense to use established images with the right associations such as the and Free Cultural Works variations; on the other, it might be cool to have one or more new, fresh and amazing alternative(s). This page is for suggestion and discussion.

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Established Images

The following already have some association with libre works:

Libre-emblem.png Libre

Free Cultural Works

Definition of Free Cultural Works logo notext.svg

Libre Libre

and others - see Buttons and Logos at


  1. If you have time, feel free to make an image in svg format
  2. Suggested approach: <when I have time ... (feel free to fill in) ...>
    • Try Inkscape or just use a text editor to make SVG files.
    • Use a free font[1] for the text in the image.
    • Upload and incorporate your new SVG file(s) on this page perhaps under a new heading (with your name).
    • At some point, if enough images are forthcoming, we could vote on them.

See also

Copyright etc.

If using images or creating images to upload, abide by all copyright requirements and any other restrictions (e.g. trademark). See for example Creative Commons Policies.

  1. See for example this list of fonts/type-faces which indicates the associated licences. The Ubuntu Font Licence page includes links to some of the issues involved with licensing fonts.